Cat on a Hot Shingled Roof





Vell, not leeterally on zee roof, more like geeving my opinion on zee subjeect of zee roof! After zee crazy weazer ve had last veek, Springtime has finally geeven us a preview. Zee veek-end vas beautiful, but deed He and She speend eet snapping photos of zee country-side from zee back of zee Harley? No. Eenstead, zhey vere taking zese photos:

Art in the Strangest Places
Zese zings of beauty just happen to be coils of roofing nails for zee air-nail-air. Who knew zey vould be so pretty?

Roofing Felt

Felt should be pretty, but zis eez not.

Architectural Shingles

Zey are vorking on zee roof of zee house. Ve are going from zis:

Old Brown Roof

To zis:

New Roof

(Shown here, een progress). Specheel zanks to “Cuz” Jones for bringing zee skill to zis project. Zee new roof ees only a part of zee beautifeecation zey are doing on zee exterior of zee house. Ve vill share viz you all zee changes once zey are done.

Vhat vill be next?

Nova - The Thinker

I vonder?



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