Working Title

We usually try to keep everything upbeat here on The House of 9 Lives blog, but, we thought we would share with you just how things are really going for He and She lately. Last weekend, they began re-roofing the house. They got half-way done and hoped to complete the job this weekend. However, it doesn’t appear the weather is going to cooperate. Rain showers are expected both Saturday and Sunday. Not good weather for roofing. So, they won’t be working on that this weekend.

Also, you might have read of the demise of the stove. The repairman came on Friday March 4th, and parts were ordered. He was scheduled to return on Friday the 13th (yes, we recognize the irony) to install them. However, we found out yesterday, the parts are on backorder and the earliest ship date will be APRIL 30th. That’s a really long time to be without a stove, however, She would probably be the first one to tell you, She actually misses the clock more than anything!

The recumbent bike is still out of commission, too. They are waiting for the representative to come by the house and look at it to see if it can be repaired here, or if it needs to go off for service.

On top of all this “happy” news, the Jura Capresso Espresso machine has stopped working. Now, doing without the stove is one thing, but this has really hurt them! They are going to see if they can get some help from technical support at, which is where they bought it. If that fails, the other option is to ship it to the manufacturer for service. Unfortunately, it is well out of the warranty period.

It’s beginning to feel like the only thing working around here is the title of this post! Why, I don’t even feel like working much, myself!




5 thoughts on “Working Title

  1. When I was growing up I used to hear my mother and grandmother talking about things that had happened to someone they knew and they would say, “When it rains it pours.” I could never understand that until I got older and it started “raining” and “pouring” on me. But there is another saying, “It’s always darkest just before dawn.” So, I think the rain is about to stop and the sun is about to shine brighter than you have ever seen.

    Happy cooking, coffee making, bike riding and roof replacing. I know it will all be coming together soon.


  2. Well after this, you should have all of the “about to break” things out of the way for a while. Although when the coffee machine stops working, that’s going too far. There must be something in the air this week.


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