Making Chicken Salad Out of…

Hot Kitty
…well, chicken, of course!  You may remember that we had some issues during the storm last weekend that took out our stove, among other things. Never before, has She had such an urge to cook.

Here’s a picture of the stove just as it died. Prior to this, every light on the display, including the night light and the oven light were lit up. Then, everything just quietly faded away until only this sad little “J” showed.

 "J" Stove

We also thought you might get a kick out of the clock/radio display. Now, keep in mind, this clock does not have a military time option.

Alternate Time Zone

In an effort to “make do” without a stove, She has tried to come up with things that could be prepared using only the microwave, toaster oven and George Foreman Grill.  Because She had bought the ingredients for Chicken Salad, She pressed on and accomplished that, at least!

She was able to “boil” the chicken in the microwave, and toast the pecans in the toaster oven. After that, it was just a matter of assembling the ingredients.

Chicken Salad Ingredients

Mixing well.

All Mixed Up

Topping a buttery croissant with the chicken salad and adding a slice of cheese.

Chicken Salad Croissant

She couldn’t even wait to take a couple of bites until after pictures were done!

The large bowl of chicken salad provided several meals for them. Now that it’s gone, She is trying to come up with more quick and easy recipes that can be prepared with the tools she has on hand.

The repairman has orderd a part ($600 and under warranty, thank goodness!), and will be returning on the 13th to install it. A replacement alarm clock was bought, as well as a clock/radio, and they are still waiting to find out about the recumbent bike. So, slowly, but surely, things are getting back to normal. Well, OUR normal, at least.



5 thoughts on “Making Chicken Salad Out of…

  1. That chicken salad looks fantastic! I like grapes in mine too.

    Strange numbers and letters appearing on your appliances. Sorry that you are having trouble; hope you get everything back in working order soon. Looks like the food ideas have not suffered from the loss though. Please share what ever you come up with next; I am sure it will be wonderful too.

    I love your Rooster plate. Great picture. I don’t think I would have had any sandwich left for the picture as good as those look. You did good stopping at two bites.


  2. Now I know how you ended up at the Broken Stove! Glad you liked the “meeting cute” story, and sorry about your, well, broken stove. We always make sure we have a spare propane tank filled up for the grill for just such an emergency (although like you in AL, we here in NC are more likely to need it during hurricane season than in winter). I prefer almonds and a little celery in my chicken salad, but I agree that grapes are a must. Our own rescued shelter critters–ginger tomcat Porter and blonde lurcher mix Greta–say hello to the Nine.


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