Zeez ees a lesson een Cuteology. Who bett-air to teech about Cuteology zan I?

Here ve vill share viths you some of zee cute zings ve haf seen in zee last few days.

Zees ees me, viths my snuggle buddee, Fu. Zees has become a habeet for us!
Snuggle Buds

Snuggle Buds

I am very comforbuhls. I cannot speak for Fu.

Zees are some ov our neighbors. She ees een love viths zee babee.

Happy family

Hello there!


Zees eez A.J. She and He met heem viths hees Mom at Bed, Bath and Beyond. A.J. vas zere shopping for hees own house. You can zee he made hees choice!

A.J. The Pom

Zee lesson to take from all zeez peectures eez zat to qualeefy for Cuteology, zee subject must pozezz cer-tain qualitees. Two ov zee most eemportant appareently are “sveet” and “fluvvy”.

Clazz deesmeesed.



Notes from the Underbelly…


…of the cat world!

The Underbelly - Boomer

Boomer thinks he is hidden under this blanket that covers a chair in our living room!

We just wanted to get caught up on some things that have been going on around The House of 9 Lives, so this post might not seem very cohesive, but around here, life sometimes is not very cohesive!

First of all, we would like to report that the invisible fencing has been installed, and Gily has been trained and all is going well. He and She chose to have a professional installation because frankly, they are a little burned out on the whole DIY thing. I suppose after renovating an entire house, they deserve a little break.

During training they worked with Gily on the leash, with no correction from the collar, in teaching him the boundaries. They were told once he showed he respected the boundaries, they would need to allow him to be shocked at least once. He and She were not happy to do that, but as it was deemed necessary, they became resigned to it. However, before they allowed Gily to feel the shock, they wanted to try it themselves. He went first, of course, and She knew if he told her She could stand it, it would be okay. He gave it a try and though He said it was a pretty fair jolt, He knew She could do it. So, she held the collar against her arm and approched the line. But, She had a hard time making herself break the plane! Finally She just swung her arm in an arc. Boy, was that dumb. She got shocked twice, as She broke the plane going out and coming back in! All in all, though She decided it wasn’t too bad, and if it would keep Gily safe, She felt it worth it. It’s really just a major static shock feeling. She did note in subsequent days, though She thought twice before walking past any of the flags that marked the boundary!

We hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving! We did. It was nice and quiet for us. He and She went out to eat lunch, so there was no ruckus or disruption to our regular schedule of eating and napping. After they ate, they went to visit Skeeter and Ohio and went for a little 4-5 mile walk. They actually got to cross on foot the Bibb Graves Bridge in Wetumpka. It is a concrete suspension bridge that crosses the Coosa River which was completed in 1931. They have driven across it many times, but She has always wanted to check it out on foot. Here are some pictures she took.

View from Bibb Graves Bridge - Wetumpka Alabama

View from Bibb Graves Bridge - Wetumpka Alabama

View from Bibb Graves Bridge - Wetumpka Alabama

View from Bibb Graves Bridge - Wetumpka Alabama

There are also a lot of better photographs on Flickr, here.

The walk was just the thing they all needed to work off some of the extra Thanksgiving calories, and they had a good time, too!

Around the house, we have done our Christmas decorating. Every year for the twenty-six Christmases that He and She have been married, He has wanted to get a live Christmas tree. Because they have always had kitties in their lives, She has resisted that idea thinking it would be chaos. This year, (because She thinks he deserves to “win one” every twenty-six years, or so), She gave in and they purchased a little Frasier Fir. She has to admit, it has gone really, really well. They put the tree up with no decorations for a day, and other than some sniffing and a couple nibbles, we haven’t been extremely interested in it. Not to this extent from a few years ago, anyway:

Let the Games Begin

So, here is this year’s tree:

Oh (REAL!) Christmas Tree

See how respectful Nova and Allie are being?

We are now waiting for the next exciting thing which is two big family Christmas parties that He and She will host the second weekend in December. There will be a flurry of activity around here as they clean and set up and cook and otherwise prepare. Then, when the big time comes, we’ll be scuttled off to the master bedroom, where we can relax without being involved in all the festivites. With Kosmo’s need for attention and proclivity to walk on the counters, it is all for the best!

So, we might not be posting again until all that is over. In the meantime, enjoy this shot of Nova and Gily being interruped during one of their snoozefests!

Nova and Gily - Snoozefest Interrupted

Take care and keep warm!


Lily Pad

Ve vant you to meet anozer “memb’air” of our fami-lee. No, I am not talkink about zee beeg clumzee Geely, Fu will feel you een on heem. I mean zee leetle fellow who has been campink out viz us. He’s being called Leely Pad. He has made heemself at home in zee potted leely right outzide our door.

Lilly Pad

He has been staying viz us now for about one month. Once, he even had a guest to stay whiz heem, but She deed not get any peectures of zhat. Ve like it alzo vhen he ees burrowed down in zee dirt and he zhinks he cannot be seen.

We zhink he ees a funny leetle fellow, and enjoy watchink heem zrough zee glass door. Ve call heem “Leely Pad” because zee leely ees hees pad.

Lilly Pad

Maybe he is acshually zee handsome preence een hidink. Eef so,  hees seecrette ees safe viz us!


A Tooth in The Hand…

…ees worthz a lot of zee money to zee deentest! Eef you follow zeeze blog, you vill know She has been hafing some deental eessues. Last veek, She had zee vroot canal, and everyzing weent vell, exzept zee tempovrary crown vas not aligned correctly vhen zee eendodonteest put eet back on, so She spent zee week in some deescomfort. Yesterday, She vent back to zee regular deentist to have zee permaneent crowns put een. Howevair, zee tooth weech had zee vroot canal vould not take zee new crown, so zhey had to do a new eempression for anozer crown and zee temporary crown had to be put back eento place. Zee regular deentist vas able to align eet correctly and She felt great. She vas so eexzited to not have zee pre-vroot-canal-pain, or zee post-vroot-canal-meesalignment-deescomfort, zhat She kind of forgot zhat She should not be chewing gum.

Oops! Out came zee crown. She vas able to get right back eento zee deentist office and zhey cemented zee crown back een. Again, She was feeling better zhan She had felt een several veeks. Eet was unforshunately short-leeved, howevair, vhen She vas eating a soft peice of bread and zee crown came out yet again. Zee deentist offeece ees closed today, but zee sweet deental aseestant ees going to meet her to put eet een once again. As a result of zee vroot canal, zee shape of zee tooth has changed, the original teemporary crown ees not feeting as eet should. Zhey hope zeeze time, zee crown vill stay een place until zee next appointment on Apreel 1st. She vreally hopes zhere vill be no Apreel Fool’s joke on her zhat day! Ve hope not as vell.


Smooth(ie) Talker

He ees a smooz talker. She tells heem zat all zee time! He ees also zee exzeleent Smoozie maker! Zey recently purchazed a Food Saver, and zey have been stock-piling zee berries, pineapple, bananas and peaches for zee smoozies zat He loves to make and drink. Here are some peectures of hees latest concoctshun. Eet ees Coconut Extract and Strawberries. Zey call eet zee Coco-berry.

First, zee berries:

Fresh Berries

Food Saver

Ready for zee freezer:

Ready for the Freezer

From zee Freezer:

Frozen Strawberries

Blending the Berries

All Churned Up

Smooth & Frothy

She has a favorite Smoozie – eet ees zee Chuck Berry. Eet ees Strawberries, Blackberries and Blueberries. Zey call eet zee Chuck Berry, because he chucks all zee berries een and zat makes zee smoozie!

Zey are loving zese tasty and healzy dreenks, eef only I could mas-tair seeping zru a straw, I would eenjoy zem, too!


As Luck Would Have It

Every now and zen, He and She are blessed wiz a leetle good luck. I mean, look at how very lucky zey vere zee day I showed up on zee doorstep. Zey zink zey have done me zee favor, but ve all know I am zee one who geeves and geeves een zis relationship. 

He and She have been making zee very strong effort to eat more meals at home. Zee new stove has vreally been getting broken in. As a part of zee plan to eat at home more, zey have been hafing breakfast een as vell. Yesterday, vhen She opened a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios, She vas thrilled to find a prize eenside. And, not joost any prize, but a cash card!

As Luck Would Have It

She had not even noteeced zee box een her sleepy state, and came vreally close to zrowing eet avay! Zee values of zee cards zey are geeving avay are $5, $10 and $25. Zee card She got ees only for five doll-airs, but She got twenty-five doll-airs of excitement out of it.

Seence zis all came about as a vresult of zee commitment to eat at home, as luck vould haf eet, zey vill probably use zee card at zee grocery store. Een zat case, I say “tuna for everyvone!”


Arbitrary Photography

Zis pesky eensurance salesman just veel not go avay!

Insurance anyone?

Of course, I am just kiddink! Ve just vanted to share some arbitrary peectures viz you!

Zis is a peecture of a leetle snack. I mean a leetle bird havink a leetle snack.

Buffet Style

Zis is a leetle Vildflover She found in zee yard. Ve zink eet ees Rose Verbena.


And, zis eez one of our favorite neighbors.

Donkey Friend

Zat ees all.