Occupy the Dog House

Dog House

He and She have been really busy for the last couple of weekends building a dog house for us. They took special care to make sure it’s nice and warm, so on the long, cold days when they are at work and we can’t be in the house with the kitties, we will at least have a comfy place to nap. That is, between all the watch doggin’ we do!

What we now have is a double-walled, insulated, cedar, duplex apartment with wood floors and central heat. Well, technically, it’s not central heat, it’s a Hound Heater, specially designed for dog houses. The felines don’t mind that He and She put all this effort and expense into the house for us. After all, they get to lounge in the main house 24/7.

Here are some pictures from the construction. The first few were taken with her iPod, so the quality isn’t that great, but you can get an idea of what was done, at least.

First, they started with a sturdy 2×4 frame for the base:
Dog House

Gily was on hand to take care of the Quality Assurance portion of the job:
Gily doing QA

Then, framing was begun. They used treated 2x4s that were ripped down to 2×2:
Dog House

You can see here the beautiful cedar flooring and the care He took to insulate the walls well to keep that winter chill at bay:
Dog House

Here you can see the interior and exterior walls were finished out in cedar:
Dog House

This is the Hound Heater that was mounted inside to help keep us warm on the coldest of days:
Dog House

Here’s the house with a coat of stain, and put in place. There are two entrances, with Gily’s apartment being taller to accomodate his size. Oh yeah, we forgot to mention, each of the roof sections is removable for easy access and cleaning:
Dog House

You can see I am proud and pleased with my sweet new abode:
Dog House

Dog House

Dog House

However, Gily is not as impressed and has pretty much boycotted getting in the dog house. We are thinking of having a march and calling it Occupy the Dog House:
Dog House
Doesn’t he look a little like “you want me to go in what???”

I hope he will come around and join me when it gets really cold. In the meantime, I guess I’ll enjoy my deluxe two room apartment myself!

Dog House


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