Two Turkeys and a Harley

Hey You!

There are just so many directions this post could go with a title like that. I’m not actually talking about He and She being the “turkeys”, though that is one direction it could take. I’m not talking about a dish at a new trendy restaurant with cleverly named menu items, either. I’m talking about two actual turkeys. And a Harley Motorcycle.

Ever have one of those stories that is award-winning-hilarious when it’s going on, but you can never seem to re-tell it to do it justice? This is probably one of those times, so bear with us and just know when this happened, it had her laughing like She hasn’t laughed in a quite a while.

The beautiful Autumn weather and crunchy countryside was really calling out to He and She on Saturday, so they fired up the Harley, saddled up and went for a ride. Alabama is really a beautiful state with so much variety in landscape. The vividness of the colors of the leaves as they change to reds and golds and the blueness of the clear sky just epitomizes the Fall season. As we live in a rural area, there is a lot of ambience to soak up.

Thanksgiving Day Ride

After rolling through the leaf-strewn back roads and admiring all the beautiful chrysanthemums and pumpkins that are on display, it was ironic that when they pulled into our driveway, they were greeted by two very large Turkeys that crossed the street from our neighbor’s driveway to get a closer look at the motorcycle. He and She thought it was pretty funny that they seemed so interested in the bike, and after waiting for our gate to open, they proceeded up our driveway. Much to her delight, the turkeys followed. Not only did they follow, but as he sped up, the turkeys did too. They kept up with the bike as it was going 25 mph or so up the long drive.

(Driveway picture shown for reference)
Driveway in the Fall

When they arrived at the second gate, where they had to wait for it to open, the turkeys kept a watchful eye on that motorcycle. She was giggling and laughing the whole time. Because Gily and Trix are in the yard, they were careful to get inside and get the gate closed before the turkeys could follow. She was concerned there might be some altercation, otherwise.

After getting inside, she was able to get these shots with her i-Pod. “Lucy” and “Ethel” continued to hang around for most of the afternoon, up on the hill outside the gate.



Hey – where’d you put that bike?


She couldn’t help wondering if they were attracted to the sound the bike made. It was just the funniest thing. We sure wish we had some video to share with you.

I guess being on a motorcycle, chased by a couple of turkeys is the most exciting thing that happened this weekend. Yeah, life is good, here!



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