Zeez ees a lesson een Cuteology. Who bett-air to teech about Cuteology zan I?

Here ve vill share viths you some of zee cute zings ve haf seen in zee last few days.

Zees ees me, viths my snuggle buddee, Fu. Zees has become a habeet for us!
Snuggle Buds

Snuggle Buds

I am very comforbuhls. I cannot speak for Fu.

Zees are some ov our neighbors. She ees een love viths zee babee.

Happy family

Hello there!


Zees eez A.J. She and He met heem viths hees Mom at Bed, Bath and Beyond. A.J. vas zere shopping for hees own house. You can zee he made hees choice!

A.J. The Pom

Zee lesson to take from all zeez peectures eez zat to qualeefy for Cuteology, zee subject must pozezz cer-tain qualitees. Two ov zee most eemportant appareently are “sveet” and “fluvvy”.

Clazz deesmeesed.



Two Turkeys and a Harley

Hey You!

There are just so many directions this post could go with a title like that. I’m not actually talking about He and She being the “turkeys”, though that is one direction it could take. I’m not talking about a dish at a new trendy restaurant with cleverly named menu items, either. I’m talking about two actual turkeys. And a Harley Motorcycle.

Ever have one of those stories that is award-winning-hilarious when it’s going on, but you can never seem to re-tell it to do it justice? This is probably one of those times, so bear with us and just know when this happened, it had her laughing like She hasn’t laughed in a quite a while.

The beautiful Autumn weather and crunchy countryside was really calling out to He and She on Saturday, so they fired up the Harley, saddled up and went for a ride. Alabama is really a beautiful state with so much variety in landscape. The vividness of the colors of the leaves as they change to reds and golds and the blueness of the clear sky just epitomizes the Fall season. As we live in a rural area, there is a lot of ambience to soak up.

Thanksgiving Day Ride

After rolling through the leaf-strewn back roads and admiring all the beautiful chrysanthemums and pumpkins that are on display, it was ironic that when they pulled into our driveway, they were greeted by two very large Turkeys that crossed the street from our neighbor’s driveway to get a closer look at the motorcycle. He and She thought it was pretty funny that they seemed so interested in the bike, and after waiting for our gate to open, they proceeded up our driveway. Much to her delight, the turkeys followed. Not only did they follow, but as he sped up, the turkeys did too. They kept up with the bike as it was going 25 mph or so up the long drive.

(Driveway picture shown for reference)
Driveway in the Fall

When they arrived at the second gate, where they had to wait for it to open, the turkeys kept a watchful eye on that motorcycle. She was giggling and laughing the whole time. Because Gily and Trix are in the yard, they were careful to get inside and get the gate closed before the turkeys could follow. She was concerned there might be some altercation, otherwise.

After getting inside, she was able to get these shots with her i-Pod. “Lucy” and “Ethel” continued to hang around for most of the afternoon, up on the hill outside the gate.



Hey – where’d you put that bike?


She couldn’t help wondering if they were attracted to the sound the bike made. It was just the funniest thing. We sure wish we had some video to share with you.

I guess being on a motorcycle, chased by a couple of turkeys is the most exciting thing that happened this weekend. Yeah, life is good, here!


We Just Thought it was a Zoo Around Here!

We really did have a busy weekend around here! There was a lot of excitement on Saturday as He and She participated in the Joy to Life Foundation Walk for Life. Then, when that was all over, they hung around at the Harley Davidson of Montgomery Harley shop because Ohio bought a new 2011 Sportster 1200 Custom.

Ohio's Sportster

Ohio's Ride - Taking her home

It’s always exciting when someone gets a new bike, and especially because this is Ohio’s first Harley Davidson, it was a momentous occasion. Ohio and Skeeter had been riding his Kawasaki Vulcan, so, the move to a bigger, more powerful bike has been a great upgrade for them! Now He and She hope to be able to get together to ride with them during the upcoming weekend.

On Sunday, He and She left out early-ish (around 8:00 a.m.) on the Harley and met Lanky for breakfast at their favorite place. After a hearty meal, Lanky picked up Rocket on his Honda Goldwing and they all rode into town to meet up with Bullitt, T-Will, CC Rider and Warsaw Tech, all on Harleys, for a little trip to South Alabama where they visited McClellan’s Critters.

This is a privately owned zoo. It’s not like a visit to a regular municipal zoo in any way. The whole atmosphere is very casual and laid back. When you hear this is a locally owned zoo in South Alabama, you might think “woo hoo, what do they have donkeys and chickens and cows?” Well, the truth is, there were donkeys and geese and peacocks, but the exotic animals are well represented, too! There were several lions, tigers, (yes, I’m going there) and bears! Not to mention some really impressive reptiles, a beautifully spotted leopard, cougars, lemurs and a camel. We won’t take the time to list all the animals they saw, but here are some pictures.


White Tiger

Liger - Yes, Really!

Tiger - War Eagle!

Ring Tailed Lemur

Bear Sugar

Lazy Leopard

The real highlight of the day was when Mike (the owner with the fantastic Australian accent) allowed the baby grizzly bear, “Miranda” to run around and interact with the visitors.

Baby Grizzly

Baby Grizzly

Baby Grizzly Hug

Baby Grizzly Bottle

Oh, and let’s not forget “Gruff”, he was an official tour guide and shadowed them everywhere they went! We think he liked the attention!


Because this zoo is locally owned, they operate soley off admission prices (very reasonable) and donations. So, give them a visit, and maybe a few extra dollars. After all, a bear’s got to have marshmallows!

After the visit, there was some beautiful countryside for them to enjoy on the way back home.




Once they got home, we had a great time sniffing out all the wonderful new scents they brought with them! With all the animals we have here, we’ve kind of considered it a zoo, but now we understand what a real zoo is!


What’s Bugging You?

We only had one pretty Mum to bloom this Fall. She had two Chrysanthemums that she bought potted last year and they were beautiful. They both came back in the spring, all pretty and green, but only one of them survived to the Fall to be loaded with pretty yellow blooms.

Yellow Mum

Yesterday, she noticed that it had become quite attractive to the Bumblebees. There must have been 20 or so all over the plant.



Those were a couple of the shots She got that came out fairly decent.

While looking at the Bumblebees, she noticed this guy hanging out there as well.

Unknown bug

We don’t have a clue what he is, but we really dig his orange Hawaiian shirt! *

Odd Bugg

He might be snacking on the Mum for all we know, but he was much too interesting looking to be disturbed.

Speaking of bugs, though, something has begun to really “bug” He and She. This:

Gilroy B. Jones

Yes, they still love him (we all do actually), but after all the work (literally blood, sweat and tears) they put into making a nice home for him with a huge fenced in yard – he has decided it would be fun to dig out and visit about the neighborhood. We’ve been lucky in that on each occasion, he has gone to our closest neighbors, who also are our closest friends, and they have given He and She a call. As a result, Gily has had to become re-acquainted with his old nemesis, the cable. He and She put a little work into the fence yesterday by using some chicken wire on the ground to patch the places he had dug. They had only been at work an hour this morning when they got another call. They are both quite disappointed and disheartened by this.

Now, they are considering invisible fencing. It seems to be a good option for them, and if it isn’t completely cost prohibitive, will probably go in that direction. Wow. Who knew dogs could be so high maintenance? We cats don’t really have a problem with it – he is certainly making us look better. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with this life?


This guy?


Pssst. Hey, dope…STAY HOME!


Wish us luck – we are trying to give He and She a lot of extra attention to keep their minds off the problem child.

*Edited to Add – this is an Ailanthus Webworm Moth


Lily Pad

Ve vant you to meet anozer “memb’air” of our fami-lee. No, I am not talkink about zee beeg clumzee Geely, Fu will feel you een on heem. I mean zee leetle fellow who has been campink out viz us. He’s being called Leely Pad. He has made heemself at home in zee potted leely right outzide our door.

Lilly Pad

He has been staying viz us now for about one month. Once, he even had a guest to stay whiz heem, but She deed not get any peectures of zhat. Ve like it alzo vhen he ees burrowed down in zee dirt and he zhinks he cannot be seen.

We zhink he ees a funny leetle fellow, and enjoy watchink heem zrough zee glass door. Ve call heem “Leely Pad” because zee leely ees hees pad.

Lilly Pad

Maybe he is acshually zee handsome preence een hidink. Eef so,  hees seecrette ees safe viz us!


The Best Thing on Television


Our televisions now have competition in the entertainment department. On Tuesday our new LG front-load washing machine and dryer were delivered.

The Dynamic Duo

Alley loves her new penthouse apartment, and She loves everything about the washer and dryer, so far. They both have a steam option, and such awesome bells and whistles. Well, not whistles exactly, but they play a happy little tune when the load is done. She calls it The Happy Laundry Song. They are really fast, too. She actually dried a load of whites in twenty minutes. He was happy with that, and is looking forward to seeing a difference on the power bill. They are also very quiet. That makes all of us happy. No annoying disturbances during nap time.

They are graphite in color and sit atop the optional pedestals with storage drawers. She couldn’t get a great picture in our small laundry room, but you get the idea.

Space Age Laundry

There are some long-term plans for a laundry room makeover that include a tankless hot water heater and some custom built storage, but who knows when they will ever get around to that! In the meantime, there is plenty of entertainment to be had playing with the new toys.

And now, because we know what our readers really want…gratuitous kitty pictures! Here was the scene around here on Sunday:
Any Given Sunday

Nova has no problem getting comfortable.
Nova Gettin' Comfy

And, Mister Fussy seems to be adapting well!
Mister Fussy Adapts

And, while these aren’t kitty pictures, we thought you might like to see the pictures she snapped yesterday when they got home. It’s the dusky twilight of a January day, so the light and the distance didn’t make for great pictures, but there were about 8 of these in the back pasture.

Back Pasture Denizens

I just know if She was able to do it, She would have a house full of these, too. Probably also sprawled out on the bed! He affectionately calls her Elly Mae Clampett, already. He might not be too far off the mark. There was an episode of The Beverly Hillbillies in which Granny thought the television was a washing machine. Well, She seems to have the opposite problem. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen her in front of the washer and dryer just watching the clothes go around and around.



Picture That!

AlleyAtTheCounterShe hasn’t been taking very many photographs around here lately. The lighting is just terrible since they are gone during all the peak daylight hours and the weekends have been mostly dark and cloudy. So, you’ll have to forgive us for not posting any recent, adorable, feline photos.

We do have some pictures that we think you might find interesting though. Somehow, through the years, these almost one-hundred-six-year-old photographs fell into their hands. (If you click the photos and go to Flickr, you can view a larger version of each one, by choosing the “all sizes” option.)







These are photos of Roswell, New Mexico, during the Pecos Flood of 1904. The condition of the photos isn’t pristine, clearly. Still, it is amazing how much detail can be seen, considering the technology used and the age of the pictures. In the last photo in the lower right hand corner, you can see the photographer’s studio, Walton’s Views.

While He and She don’t know much about how they came to have these photos, and there are few references to the flood and the photographer on the internet, she did find the following.

It is said that the remains of Billy the Kid (William H. Bonney) and the wooden marker from his grave were washed away by this flood as it overtook the Fort Sumner Cemetary where he was buried. The current marker for his grave is only an estimate of where the remains actually lie.

Another reference to the flood from an article at the time stated that compared to all the devastation to the land, the loss of property was small, and there were no reported fatalities.

There was very little information on the photographer on-line. She could only find this reference to “New Mexico Photographer William R. Walton” in this auction for two photos from the same event. We suppose Mr. Walton did not have a website for his studio.

Even though She was able to find few references and supporting documentation, it was still exciting to know they had possession of these articles from a significant historical event.

In trying to decide exactly what to do with the photos that would honor them in the way they should be, she decided to contact the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to see if they would be interested in having the photographs to assure their preservation. The response she received is positve. Now, she just has to contact them by phone to arrange how to get them there.

Just think, this humble little household in Central Alabama may be crucial in restoring these interesting bits of history to their rightful place.They regret they haven’t been taken better care of through the years, but are hopeful someone will find them as fascinating as they do.