Oh hai!

Yeah, we’re still here. We haven’t posted in a while because She seems to have lost interest in the this little corner of the blogosphere. But we are all still doing well. We don’t have any new additions (much to Barny’s delight). Though the integration of Trix into the household has gone very well. While his manners aren’t nearly as good as Gily’s, we’ve all come to accept and love him for the heart he has. Let’s just say if Gily and Trix were celebrities from the golden age of Hollywood, Gily would be Cary Grant, and Trix would be more like James Cagney.


Grant was and Gily is so debbonaire and cool. While Cagney and Trixter share a “Little Man” complex. Trix has plenty of heart and defends his home as well as any dog four times his size could do. Gily beleives there is strength in numbers.  Trix is also more likely to take what he wants whereas Gily will wait for something to be offered. So, Gily is a gentleman and Trix is a scrapper. Also, just like the two actors we compare them to, Trix & Gil are leading men in the cast of characters around here.

He and She haven’t completed any big projects, and we don’t have any thing of substance to share, but,  She did have one little project worth noting. After searching diligently, to no avail, for a girly motorcycle helmet that would please her, She finally decided to design her own. Using a standard black half helmet, and self-adhesive rhinestones, she produced this protective headgear embellished with a stylized “Tiara”.

My Favorite Tiara

Tiara Helmet

She even found some Harley bling which coordinates nicely!

Harley Bling

She’s had a few occassions to sport her new Tiara Helmet, but not nearly enough. They are hoping the weekend will provide more opportunities for that! Well, we managed to cover some Holywood Royalty and some Harley Royalty in this post. How’s that for a theme?

We hope everyone else has a good weekend and there is no significant damage or any injuries from the hurricane predicted for the East Coast. Go away Irene!!




3 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. I love this post. The helmet is so cute! I saw it earlier but did not know that you had decorated it yourself! That is amazing! You always have such great ideas.

    Glad to hear everyone is getting along so well. And I know they are all happy to be with He and She and have such a wonderful home.


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