Welcome Home

Sir Wile E. Trixenhopper has officially taken up residence at the House of 9 Lives. She has been trying diligently to get some good photographs of Trixter, but he is a nervous little guy, full of energy and always on the move. Because he doesn’t like the flash on the camera, She hasn’t been able to get any good photos inside, and the opportunity hasn’t presented itself for a nice outdoor photo shoot.

We do have this picture. She was goofing around with photo editing and this was the best She could come up with. (Hint: We don’t have any pretty, green grass like that).


Trix has turned out to be a very sweet boy. He is getting along perfectly with Gily, and we have all accepted him into the household without a hiccup, so far! The transition has been so easy, even He and She are amazed. They’ve started referring to each other as Dr. and Mrs. Doolittle!

Trix has been at home with us for one week now. He completed his heartworm treatment on June 29th and was discharged on July 1st. We were all a little disappointed to find that he needed a little bit of training as far as housebreaking was concerned, but we think he completely has the idea now. Though, He and She do keep a close eye on him and he isn’t allowed to run around inside unsupervised very much. He is doing very well outside with a big yard to exercise in. They have opted (against all recommendations otherwise) not to put him in the invisible fence collar. They have found that with Gily as a companion, he hasn’t shown any desire to dig out. Plus, with his compromised leg, digging might not be too easy for him. However, he can run like a rabbit! He is still in recovery, so they haven’t encouraged any strenuous exercise, but he has shown he has the capability.

Through all of this, Gily has become a champ. He has taken to the role of big brother quite naturally. He even “herds” Trix away from the car when they are pulling up into the carport.

Matching Jewelry
Bringing another dog into the fold was something they were very hesitant about, but Trixter has proven to be yet one more blessing! Thank you all so much for your past and continued good wishes for this little guy who only needed someone to love Y



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