What’s in a Name?

Thank you to every one who voted! The results are in but, unfortunately, our poll did not provide us with a clear winner.

Because we wound up with a two-way tie and we couldn’t stand to wait long enough for a tie-breaker to determine the outcome, we decided to flip a coin. Because of our obvious lack of opposable thumbs, we found a site that will allow us to perform a virtual coin toss. While there are many sites out there, we preferred this one.

You can see we entered the two options:

And, here is the answer:

Now that we know what’s in a name, we can’t wait until Sir Wile E. Trixenhopper comes home to stay. She spoke with Dr. M’s office today and not only is Trix doing well, it looks like he will be done with his treatments on June 29th. If all goes as planned, He and She will take off work that day and the rest of the week. With the upcoming July 4th Holiday, that means we will all have plenty of time to bond with Tixter!



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