Change is Inevitable

Change is never easy for me. However, I’ve learned to be a little more flexible because that’s what is necessary to live around here. He and She have been adopted yet again. It’s another Canine, too. We sure hope they aren’t going to try to have as many dogs as they do cats.

We will all adjust, though. It’s hard to feel bad about someone joining the household when they so badly need some love and attention, and we know they’ll get it here. This is Trixter:

(Ignore our very dead grass – we are in a drought).

You might recall He and She were adopted by Gily on a Sunday at their favorite breakfast shop about a year ago. I think they need to start eating cereal, this is getting expensive! Sunday, when they were leaving, Trix greeted them at the door, as if to say, “I didn’t think you would ever come out of there!” They shared some leftover eggs and grits, which he was very happy to get and gave him some water to drink. This time, they didn’t spend a lot of time debating, after making sure no one had any idea where he might belong, they had him in the car and headed home.

He and Gily did very well upon meeting – Gily just had one conversation with him to let him know there was no opening for Top Dog, but otherwise we would be glad to offer him a job in our organization. After buying him a collar and bringing him in the house on a leash, it became apparent that he would love to join our team. Jazz welcomed him by touching noses, and the deal was sealed. He had a pleasant night, with plenty to eat and a cool place to relax.

Trixter taking it easy

He even slept on a nice comfy (king-sized sleep number) bed. Of course, he had to share with Gily & He and She, but he sure didn’t complain about that!

Yesterday morning, they dropped him off at the vet. He has already been neutered, so at least that is taken care of, but, sadly, he has heartworms and intestinal parasites. He is basically in the same shape Gily was at the time of his rescue. However, Trix has a handicap Gily didn’t. It seems that at some point, quite some time ago, he had a broken right foreleg at the elbow joint. He was apparently never treated, and the joint has now fused, costing him the use of that leg. He walks on three legs and gets around very well, but certainly not like he should be able to. Bless his heart – he has been so neglected up to now. But, He and She are so happy to have found him and be given the chance to spoil him for the rest of his life. Dr. M. says he is around six years old, so they’ll still have some time to treat him in the manner he deserves. He will be staying with Dr. M. and her staff for the next few weeks while he undergoes his heartworm treatment. Then, he’ll come back to us to start his new life.

The name Trixter was a given, since he “tricked” them into instantly falling in love with him! He immediately thought of the name Trixie, but that just wasn’t appropriate for a boy, so they changed it to Trixter, sometimes shortening to Trix. In keeping with their tradition of also giving each of us a “long name” (i.e. Gilroy B. Magilicuddy, and Sir Casanova de Nono Muttonchops), they have come up with several possibilties for Trix. He will still be called Trixter, but we would like your help in choosing his formal name! Please see the poll below and cast your vote for your favorite.

Thanks for your help! The poll will be available for a week. We will be sure to let you know the results, and will share more pictures when they have had a chance to get some good shots. In the meantime, be thinking about this sweet little boy as he goes through his ordeal in being treated for heartworms.

In the meatime, I’ll adapt to the new change around here. It’s all for a greater cause!



3 thoughts on “Change is Inevitable

  1. Welcome to your new Family and Home, you are a very lucky boy! We can’t wait to meet you and see how purrrrfect you are!

    Cuz’s Boots & Scooter!


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