Cool Things

The weather has finally gotten a little warm. She didn’t think it would ever happen! She spent the winter freezing and is actually glad to see some warmer weather. It’s just been too cool to enjoy riding the motorcycle the last few weeks. But, speaking of cool, they did see some pretty cool things this past weekend!

He and She and Papa Joe and Ohio and Skeeter rode over to Columbus Georgia to Chattahoochee Harley Davidson, just for fun. While they were there, they got to meet “Baby”! Now, Baby is one cool dog! She rides a Harley!! Yeah, that’s right, a Harley!

Baby Rides a Harley

She enjoyed posing for a couple of pictures with her goggles on!

Baby Rocks her Goggles

She and Skeeter were instantly in love with Baby and found out that she loves to ride and is happy to hop on the bike at any opportunity!

Here’s a picture of the Chattahoochee River She snapped as they were zipping over it on the way home.

The Chattahoochee

Then, on Sunday morning, they encountered this beauty:

Orange Metal Flake!

He and She would just love to have something like that to ride around in! As it was, He and She visited Niffer’s Place at Lake Martin and enjoyed a really delish lunch, followed by a “Ride and Seek” – that’s what they call it when they don’t have a destination in mind, but ride aimlessly seeking one. They actually wound up on a road that leads to a beautiful penninsula at Lake Martin. They were able to pull the bike over and park and walk up to the water as it lapped the shore. It was a beautiful day and peacefully quiet! They felt really lucky to be able to just enjoy the moment before heading back home.

We hope you had some beautiful weather this weekend, and were able to find some enjoyment. Also, our hearts go out to our neighbors in Missouri who have experienced tragedy and heartache due to the recent tornado.




2 thoughts on “Cool Things

  1. Had a car like that when my dad and family were stationed in (West) Germany back in the early 1960s. It also had a hole in the floor board in the back. Talk about tough cars, that they were.


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