We Just Thought it was a Zoo Around Here!

We really did have a busy weekend around here! There was a lot of excitement on Saturday as He and She participated in the Joy to Life Foundation Walk for Life. Then, when that was all over, they hung around at the Harley Davidson of Montgomery Harley shop because Ohio bought a new 2011 Sportster 1200 Custom.

Ohio's Sportster

Ohio's Ride - Taking her home

It’s always exciting when someone gets a new bike, and especially because this is Ohio’s first Harley Davidson, it was a momentous occasion. Ohio and Skeeter had been riding his Kawasaki Vulcan, so, the move to a bigger, more powerful bike has been a great upgrade for them! Now He and She hope to be able to get together to ride with them during the upcoming weekend.

On Sunday, He and She left out early-ish (around 8:00 a.m.) on the Harley and met Lanky for breakfast at their favorite place. After a hearty meal, Lanky picked up Rocket on his Honda Goldwing and they all rode into town to meet up with Bullitt, T-Will, CC Rider and Warsaw Tech, all on Harleys, for a little trip to South Alabama where they visited McClellan’s Critters.

This is a privately owned zoo. It’s not like a visit to a regular municipal zoo in any way. The whole atmosphere is very casual and laid back. When you hear this is a locally owned zoo in South Alabama, you might think “woo hoo, what do they have donkeys and chickens and cows?” Well, the truth is, there were donkeys and geese and peacocks, but the exotic animals are well represented, too! There were several lions, tigers, (yes, I’m going there) and bears! Not to mention some really impressive reptiles, a beautifully spotted leopard, cougars, lemurs and a camel. We won’t take the time to list all the animals they saw, but here are some pictures.


White Tiger

Liger - Yes, Really!

Tiger - War Eagle!

Ring Tailed Lemur

Bear Sugar

Lazy Leopard

The real highlight of the day was when Mike (the owner with the fantastic Australian accent) allowed the baby grizzly bear, “Miranda” to run around and interact with the visitors.

Baby Grizzly

Baby Grizzly

Baby Grizzly Hug

Baby Grizzly Bottle

Oh, and let’s not forget “Gruff”, he was an official tour guide and shadowed them everywhere they went! We think he liked the attention!


Because this zoo is locally owned, they operate soley off admission prices (very reasonable) and donations. So, give them a visit, and maybe a few extra dollars. After all, a bear’s got to have marshmallows!

After the visit, there was some beautiful countryside for them to enjoy on the way back home.




Once they got home, we had a great time sniffing out all the wonderful new scents they brought with them! With all the animals we have here, we’ve kind of considered it a zoo, but now we understand what a real zoo is!



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