Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

Mister Fussy in the Leaves

Lately we’ve had a couple of beautiful early-spring-like days. That has prompted He and She and Gily to be outside a little more. They have all enjoyed getting their solar batteries recharged.

Now, Gily thinks everytime the truck door is opened, he should jump in. He loves to get in the truck and ride. His favorite route is down the driveway and back. He seems to be content with just that.

Let's go!

This past weekend, they decided they would take him to a neighboring town and let him enjoy the park.

Riding High

Being new to the dog world, they weren’t even aware the park didn’t allow dogs. So, they decided to cut their losses and just come home where we have plenty of land where they can walk and picnic and do whatever they could have done at the park. We didn’t understand why they left to begin with!

While we all get along really well with Gily, he’s particularly fond of He and She, and is only really happy when they are both with him. If one of them leaves the room, he is never satisfied until they are back together again. Here’s a little video She took of Gily as they waited for He to come out of a store recently. *Warning: This video contains explicit dog whining and may be difficult for some viewers.

So, Gily, would you care to have some cheese with that whine? You can see he was not happy until they were together again. And, all that tail wagging. What a kiss up! I can see all of us cats are really going to have to step up our games to show He and She that we really appreciate them, too. Flirt already got a head start this morning by yaking on the rug. Maybe that will get the idea across!

Mister Fussy

aka “Sweet Potato Fu Fu”


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