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Hello….? Tap. Tap. Is this thing on? Is anyone out there still listening?

Sorry we haven’t been around lately, but to catch up, we had a happy new year and hope you did too. We celebrated a milestone birthday (#50) for She. We helped He and She mourn the loss of a dear, sweet, special friend (Harley rides will never be the same again). We watched them buy an i-Pod, get all excited about it, get a little disappointed with it and ultimately return it. We’ve seen them tighten their belts and adhere more closely to a grocery budget. We’ve seen her get all excited about coupon clipping, develop a database to track said coupons, item prices, generate a shopping list and track sales. We watched in wonder, as a big box came into the house one day, courtesy of Purina. Inside was a new Breeze Litter System.

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter Box System - PetSmart

We are now watching as Lilah ignores the old box and the new Breeze system and continues to do things her own way. Which brings us to this. Our thoughts and opinion on the new Breeze Litter System by Tidy Cat.

First of all, we should say that through the years, He and She have had all kinds of experiences with different methods of kitty waste disposal. It all started with clay litter years ago. They remember when the big innovation was scoopable! Then, there was the flushable litter, which hasn’t really been an option for them, as they’ve usually had a septic system and didn’t want to take any chances with it. They’ve used hooded, vented boxes (most of them not an option because of the sheer size of us guys). They had the kind of litter box that has a lift out tray that sifts the litter and is supposed to be “self cleaning”. They also had the electric box that scoops automatically. That’s probably a good solution for someone with one or two cats, but more than that, and we found it couldn’t keep up very well – even with two boxes. Then, there was the time they bought the mega-expensive box that actually “flushed”. It was connected to a water source and a drain. It was a nightmare. It worked as promised, but the scented water that flushed through the system was not enough to control the odor and it was impossible to be anywhere near it when it was working. It was also a little small for our idol, Garfield, who weighed about 25 pounds at the time. So, you can see they’ve had a lot of experience in this area.

It’s important here to say we would really like to thank the nice people at Purina who provided us with a coupon for the purchase price of the Breeze system. While overall, we think it’s a pretty good item, it’s clear that once again, because of the numbers in our household, it won’t be a viable option for us.

The good stuff: The pellets are really cool. They’ve done an excellent job corralling any odor, and once we figured out they weren’t edible, we didn’t mind using them for their intended purpose. The pads are also very much as advertised. They do a good job of collecting the liquid waste and there has been no odor issue at all. The scoop that came with it is perfect, as it is the right size for the pellets.

The bad stuff: The cost. In a household of ten kitties, you have to make really economical choices on something that is just going to pretty much go straight into the trash. The initial cost of the system isn’t bad. Around $35. The pads come 4 to a pack and were about $6. We think they are designed to last about a week, each. A bag of Pellets costs about $8, and we don’t really know how long it would last us. One of the downsides is that so many pellets are used when scooping up solid waste. And, while the box itself is an adequate size for a small cat, a super big boy like Boomer can’t seem to make the shot. 

So, while the Breeze system is a good option for some as far as the latest innovations in Cat Litter, we don’t think it is a viable option for us. We will be content with our former system of a large plastic storage box adapted for litter box use and Tidy Cat clumping litter. As for Lilah, they’ve reduced some of her “think outside the box” actions by using a shallow litter pan with a puppy pad in it. She seems to be content with that solution (most of the time anyway), and they will just deal with what they have to deal with when she isn’t.

They will give the Breeze system a good cleaning, box it back up, and donate it to our local shelter’s thrift store, and some other kitty can see what they think of it. We hope it will make someone’s life easier!




2 thoughts on “Hello

  1. Congratulations to She on turning the “5-0”. Hope you had some good treats.

    We understand about staying with a grocery budget. With coupons and stuff, you still can do a good buy at the supermarket.

    We haven’t done the iPod device here. It would make for an attractive toy around here.

    We had a couple coupons for the Breeze litter box system. We prefer the regular litter box set-up. A lot easier to maintain.


  2. I bought two of the Breeze systems since one of my kitties is inside the house full time and it works great with the smell. I’m not sure I agree with the supposed “track-free” boast they claim and those pellets really hurt when you step down on them with your bare feet…LOL I can understand it not being a viable option for a multi-cat household too….. My older cats who live mostly in garage and screen porch still like their traditional litter boxes and when they come in the house refuse to use the new system. I’m afraid I’m going to get used to it and they stop making it. I do however use the crystal litter in those boxes. It’s expensive too but helps a ton with the odor…also deadly when you step on it with bare feet. 🙂


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