Christmas Snow


She has said it was the culmination of all her childhood dreams. Snow in Central Alabama on Christmas night. We didn’t have any stickage, but it was dreamy enough just to see it falling. The next day, it snowed off and on all day. She and He stayed snuggled close to the fire the entire day. We all enjoyed it a lot, too!

Okay – about Christmas – we had a really good one. Skeeter & Ohio came over Christmas Eve and they all had a good dinner in front of the fire and then went to look at Christmas lights. Guess who went with them? Gily! He really enjoyed the ride, and even though there were four adults and a sixty pound dog crammed into a rather small car, they had a wonderful time. Christmas day was nice and cozy and quiet.

Now, however, Sweet Potato Fu Fu (did we mention the new name?) is at Dr. M’s with an upper respiratory infection, and we are all hoping he is home soon and feeling much better.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that some if not all your childhood dreams were fulfilled. Happy New Year!!



4 thoughts on “Christmas Snow

  1. Glad your childhood dream came true. Hope Sweet Potato Fu-Fu gets well soon.

    A snowy night can be dreamy until you have to clear it away the next morning. 🙂


  2. Wow, yall saw all that snow too!! We watched it fall all day the day after Christmas, but it never turned our yard white, but it sure was pretty, Me and Boots wanted to go out and catch some flakes but our Mommy said No! Anyway, I am glad that they had a good time with you guys on Christmas Eve, we missed them and yall, but don’t give up, we will get over one day, just like, well,lets just say Santa Claws!!

    Boots & Scooter!


  3. Wasn’t the snow wonderful! We actually had some accumulation but it didn’t last long. It was a good day to stick close to the fire.

    Hope Sweet Potato Fu-Fu is back home soon.


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