Merry Christmas!

Okay, She is really getting blasé about taking photos for the blog. Why, she didn’t even take any photos during our big Christmas Party weekend. But, we do want to report that every thing went very well for both the parties. We were all very happy when everything was done and returned to normal, but He and She had a great time. Oh, and Gily had a wonderful time!

They had been a little concerned that he might not do well with a lot of people here, or with small children, but he turned out to be the champ we all thought him to be. He charmed all the guests from the oldest to the youngest. And, he demonstrated his love for riding on the four-wheeler, too!


For a few days after all the running and playing Gily did while all the kids were here, he slept really well. It was kind of hard to distinguish him from the rest of us cats!

Thanks for checking in on us, and from all of us here at The House of 9 Lives, Merry Christmas!!

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3 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. I love the card with all the kitties and the doggie! That is simply adorable!

    I am glad that your parties went well and that Gily made a great impression.

    Happy Holidays to the House of 9 lives (11)!


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