What’s Bugging You?

We only had one pretty Mum to bloom this Fall. She had two Chrysanthemums that she bought potted last year and they were beautiful. They both came back in the spring, all pretty and green, but only one of them survived to the Fall to be loaded with pretty yellow blooms.

Yellow Mum

Yesterday, she noticed that it had become quite attractive to the Bumblebees. There must have been 20 or so all over the plant.



Those were a couple of the shots She got that came out fairly decent.

While looking at the Bumblebees, she noticed this guy hanging out there as well.

Unknown bug

We don’t have a clue what he is, but we really dig his orange Hawaiian shirt! *

Odd Bugg

He might be snacking on the Mum for all we know, but he was much too interesting looking to be disturbed.

Speaking of bugs, though, something has begun to really “bug” He and She. This:

Gilroy B. Jones

Yes, they still love him (we all do actually), but after all the work (literally blood, sweat and tears) they put into making a nice home for him with a huge fenced in yard – he has decided it would be fun to dig out and visit about the neighborhood. We’ve been lucky in that on each occasion, he has gone to our closest neighbors, who also are our closest friends, and they have given He and She a call. As a result, Gily has had to become re-acquainted with his old nemesis, the cable. He and She put a little work into the fence yesterday by using some chicken wire on the ground to patch the places he had dug. They had only been at work an hour this morning when they got another call. They are both quite disappointed and disheartened by this.

Now, they are considering invisible fencing. It seems to be a good option for them, and if it isn’t completely cost prohibitive, will probably go in that direction. Wow. Who knew dogs could be so high maintenance? We cats don’t really have a problem with it – he is certainly making us look better. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy with this life?


This guy?


Pssst. Hey, dope…STAY HOME!


Wish us luck – we are trying to give He and She a lot of extra attention to keep their minds off the problem child.

*Edited to Add – this is an Ailanthus Webworm Moth



6 thoughts on “What’s Bugging You?

  1. That is a really an interesting moth. I have never seen one like that before.

    Dogs are wonderful but they can be stubborn and diligent. No matter how much room you give them if any little section of it contains a barrier of some sort that is exactly where they want to go. They have to get to the other side no matter what the cost (literally to the humans sometimes).

    Lexus chewed through a baby gate that we had up in our house blocking “her room” from the kitchen and the rest of the house. So we purchased a pet gate. It is made of metal. She could not chew through it so she tried to dig under it and dug up the door facing and the linoleum. We gave an entire room to her to be in while we are at work! What more could she want?Jeez!

    I have heard about the invisible fence and now they are making one for indoors. I haven’t tried either type if you get one I hope that works well for you.

    Anyway, in the long run they are worth the extra effort. I adore both of my dogs and am very glad to have them around.


  2. Oops!

    I read a number of years back, if you bury chicken wire along the fence line, it has to be the entire fence line. Can’t be a portion … dogs are smart enough to know where the “unprotected” part is located and dig there. For the especially smart dog, you may need to tie the chicken wire to the fencing before covering with dirt.

    If chicken wire is affordable, you might want to try that before going to the invisible fence option.


  3. At least Gily doesn’t roam far. Several of my neighbors have had dogs that would get out of their fences by jumping or digging, and they’re not close neighbors. I’ll see them driving around the neighborhood looking for their dog. Course we have a lot of walkers in our neighborhood and the dogs tend to follow them.


  4. First: the photography is stunning! Wow!

    Second: I love the manifest friendship. That is precious.

    Third: the digging out and roaming, OY! We had a Scottie who was a little older when we took him on some years ago in Chattanooga. We had such a nice yard and a pet door and … ‘everything’ a doggie could want. But Mac was compelled to escape and wander down the wooded alley to the house of a, um, crazyish neighbor to hang out. As it happened repeatedly, she wondered (out loud to us) why he wanted to get away. !!! I think he had the same internal motto that grandson W does: “I can, therefore I must!” Aggravating motto and compulsion it reflects! As Mac’s adventures started taking him out to the busy ‘Pike’ down the hill and his demise seemed inevitable, my (now estranged) sister-in-law begged for him to join her more countrified menagerie. He lived long and prospered, thank goodness.

    I think He and She’s idea of the invisible fence is a good idea to try. Breaking the CAN SO MUST mental rut of digging out may just be the behavioral breakthrough that works. Can Gilly ‘practice’ the way the fence works somewhere to see the effectiveness potential before He and She commit to it at home? If that doesn’t work, would putting railroad timbers along the bottom of the fenceline help as a deterrent?

    ‘Challenges’ keep the mind from getting rusty, eh??? 🙂



  5. I put in an invisible fence myself. I didn’t have to bury all of it – I attached much of it to the fence along the edge of the property. It has to go in a rectangle and you don’t want your dog to cross over the line wearing the collar, so I ran mine all the way around the house – at least 25 feet out.

    She hasn’t gotten out since I installed it. I ran over it with a trencher when I was trying to put in some edging for some ground cover, but a couple of splices and 30 minutes to rebury that part of the line and all was well.

    I had a stray for a few weeks who was nearly big enough to walk over the fence so I put it on him. He caught on immediately and never went near the fence whether he had a collar or not.

    The only expense was the cost of the system – about $300. I’d have had to rent a trencher to put the fence in except my neighbors came over and dug the channel out for me.


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