“Wood” You be my Neighbor?


Cooler weather has finally gotten here. You know the most important thing to a house full of cats and one big dog when the weather turns cool? Firewood! We have to have plenty of firewood on hand so we can loll about and melt into the furniture on frosty nights. Well, Mother Nature has seen to it that we have plenty of wood for this season. We lost a really, really big oak tree a couple of months ago, and that resulted in this:

2010 Firewood

That’s just a portion of it, too! They have managed to get the biggest majority of the tree cut into firewood, and were lucky enough to stack all that we will need, plus share the bounty with some neighbors who were really glad to have it on hand for the coming winter.

He really enjoyed the work of getting the tree cut up and split, and even though there is still a lot of clearing of limbs and cleaning left to do, and the splinter of stump that stands about 10 feet tall to be taken care of, we are all glad to have this much done and can’t wait to enjoy the fireplace in the coming months.

Go ahead, axe me anything!

This year, they had an extra helper when it came to cutting firewood.
Gily in the woods

Saw dust everywhere!
Are we having fun, yet?

I think he’s got being a country dog down to an art!
Fallin' in Love

In the meantime, Jazz and I are standing sleeping guard at the fireplace, waiting for that first cozy fire. Bring it on!!

Barny & Jazz Chillin'



4 thoughts on ““Wood” You be my Neighbor?

  1. I smelled the heavenly scent of a good wood-fire-in-the-fireplace for the first time this season at one of the neighbors. Mmmmm! We are too afraid to try one in the old lodge we are in as we might bring the place down. How wonderful that you all will get toasty time soon!



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