Happy Fall Y’all!

Today is the first day of Fall and we are all quite happy to see it after one of the hottest Summers we’ve had on record. We can’t wait until it’s actually Fall-like weather.

Things have been fairly normal around here, but we do have an addition to our extended family. We have a new cousin. You might remember Boots & Scooter, well, they have a new brother named Russ! Russ was a shelter pup, but was being fostered in a great home when he was adopted. He came to The House of 9 Lives for a little visit and spent some quality time with Gily. They ripped and roared and ran until they were completely worn out and thirsty.

Gily & Russ

Russ just made himself comfortable at the water bowl for a while.


Russ - Sweet Boy

When Russ got back home from his big day out, this was all he had left in him!

Russ all Rustled out

Russ only visited briefly with us, but he really enjoyed his time with Gily and we are all looking forward to seeing more of him.

Recently, it became necessary for Alley to have some medicine. She had to have two pills. She took the first one very easily a couple of weeks ago, with the help of some “squirt cheese”. She’ll usually gulp down anything that has a dollop of that on it. However, she wanted to play hardball with the second one. We all know that He and She are terrible at “pilling” us, so it’s always a battle of wills when we decide to be difficult about it. After Alley repeatedly just licked the cheese off the pill, She got exasperated and finally crushed the pill and put it in the cheese. Then Alley wouldn’t have anything to do with any of it. So, they had to call the doctor and pay $11.95 for another pill to try another day. This one didn’t go well either. We won’t recount the whole fight to you, but they have effectively given up and just hope that at least some of it went down.

We all know Alley wasn’t retaliating, but it sure seems suspect. Yesterday morning She wasn’t paying much attention, as She was still half asleep, and when She opened the refrigerator, Alley was on top of the door, and she almost fell. They were both pretty frightened by it, and when Alley sprang to the counter, it just so happened She put her face right in the way. She’s now rocking the pirate look with a nice big scratch running down her face from just under her eye next to her nose down to her mouth. Not to mention the tracks that were left on her hand. It’s nothing serious, She said it just stings a little, but she does wish it wasn’t on her face! All is well though, Alley has apologized and promises she didn’t mean to do it, and She is telling everyone who asks that She was in a bar fight (anyone who knows her knows that is a big joke). It’s just a shame it’s not closer to Halloween.

In anticipation of the coming season, we’ll leave you with this repeat picture from the House of 9 Lives and wish y’all a happy Fall!





6 thoughts on “Happy Fall Y’all!

  1. Well now, seems now that Scooter and I can sure feel yall’s pain!! As you all know we now have one of the critters they call a Dog! Yikes, he bout scared us to death, but little by little I think he will be ok, and it looks like mommy and daddy are going to keep him, oh well! We did hear about his visit to see you guys, he didn’ have a lot to say, he was bushed from all the running with gily, which was good for us because we walked around OUR living room while he was sacked out!! Anyway, enjoy the cool weather that we too hope is ahead!

    Sorry to sign this like this, but mommy said be nice!!!

    Cuzz’s Boots,Scooter and Russ!!


  2. I sure hope Alley (In my opinion the most beautiful cat in the world) is okay. too bad about the incident, but cats will be cats, as I’m sure all of us cat lovers know. Yes, cooler temperatures, sweet!


  3. Happy Fall to Y’all Too!

    Russ is sooo cute!!

    But all the rest of you are so photogenic too:). You should totally have your humans submit pics of you to the Lifetime Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest.

    The contest ends at noon on October 14th, so I’m trying to spread the word to all my favorite cats (and your human bean readers)! Just upload your photo and you could win everything from cash to a one-year supply of cat food:).

    Check out all the details here:
    Companions and Co-Stars Photo Contest


    Thanks and best of luck:).


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