Pictureless Post

We don’t usually come to you without pictures, but we are making an exception, just so you don’t think we’ve fallen off the face of the earth! The last several weeks have been full. He and She have been very busy with various things, no exciting new additions to the family, though we have all (except Boomer) pretty much embraced Gily as a full fledged family member now.

The fence is done, and Gily is really loving his space. He is very content and never tries to leave if the gate is open while they are coming and going. He has gotten very spoiled to the process of getting a cookie (Milkbone) each time they go, though. He patiently stands aside with the cookie in his mouth like a big ole cigar until they leave his sight, then he settles down and makes quick work of it.

His (“He”, not Gily) birthday was in August, and they celebrated by buying toys for both of them. He got a new Stihl chainsaw that is big enough to handle the massive oak tree that was felled recently by a storm. I sure wish I had some pictures to share of that one. We were very fortunate in that it was right next to the shop, and the new fence, but missed both of them. Her new toy (for his birthday) was a Kindle. She is very thrilled with it and has already read 15 books. She is getting caught up on some classics that she never read, as well as enjoying some new fiction.

They’ve been so busy, they haven’t had a chance to ride the motorcycle much, but the weather this past weekend was fall-like and they had a couple of family functions out of town, so they took advantage of the trips and took the bike out for a run. Over the course of the weekend, including a Labor Day ride to Cheaha, they managed to put almost 500 miles on the odometer.

We are glad they had a chance to get caught up on the riding, and they enjoyed seeing family they hadn’t seen in a while, but with all the other work they’ve been doing, we’ve been feeling a little neglected, and we are secretly hoping for a good old rainy weekeend, when they will rent movies and snuggle with us for hours.

Hey, a kitty can dream, can’t he?



3 thoughts on “Pictureless Post

  1. I think this post should be titled Priceless Post. It contains so many priceless items – visiting with friends and family, riding together over the long weekend, birthday presents, new fence being loved, pets that are loving each other and a treat that can’t be enjoyed fully until the beautiful rescuers have gone for the day cause treats are good but being rescued is priceless.


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