Go Ahead, Fence Me In!

Gilroy B. Jones
Hey everybody –

I’m glad to have the chance to update you on my status here at The House of Nine Lives. I’m a King, I tell ya! Boy, I landed in the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow when I met these two!

Way back in May, I was a skinny, sickly fellow, scrounging for food and dodging danger while fending for myself. My, my, how times have changed!

I now have about two and half acres to romp and run in, not to mention about twenty-three more acres I can explore when I’m supervised. I’ve been given a clean bill of health. I have a bottomless food bowl and an endless supply of fresh, clean water! And, as if that wasn’t enough, He and She allow me to come into the house whenever possible. I also have a new extended family. My best friends outdoors are twelve young longhorns, who actually run up and down the fenceline¬†with me occasionally, and ten furry little nuggets in the house who I have learned to tolerate very well. Well, maybe “tolerate” isn’t exactly the best word. I actually kind of like them. Not that I want to ruin my dog reputation, but how can you not like someone like Nova, who comes up and rubs his head against you?

Gily & Nova

I’m also on very friendly terms with Jazz and Kosmo. Not so much with Lilah, who hasn’t been very friendly, but that’s okay because I still feel welcome here.

I’m not exactly sure who “Riley” was, but I’m certainly living his life, now. Look at all the hard work He and She have put into making sure I have a safe place to spend my time. Here are some pictures of the fence we have all been working so hard on.

For most of the yard, we put up galvanized welded wire, using the existing posts for the barbed wire fencing that separated the yard from the pasture.

Welded Wire Fencing

But, for part of the fence, they wanted something a little more decorative, so they continued with the welded wire, but used it in conjunction with wood to make panels like this:


After finishing the construction of the fence, they stained it a dark walnut color and added the decorative copper post caps.

Gily's Fence

Curves Ahead

We really like how the fence doesn’t intrude on the view!

View from the house

While we three were out working hard on the fence in this:

In the shade

Let me point out, that’s in the shade, too. This is what Fu was busy with:

Your body on Air Conditioning

I don’t think he’s too anxious to go back outside now.

So, that gives you an idea of what kind of environment I’m living in now. All I can say, is go ahead, fence me in!



4 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Fence Me In!

  1. He and she have done some nice work on that fence, Gily, I don’t blame you for saying fence me in. I am tempted to say it myself.

    You and Nova look sweet together. I am glad everyone is getting along. Lilah will come around. How can anyone resist a cute dog like you.


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