Lily Pad

Ve vant you to meet anozer “memb’air” of our fami-lee. No, I am not talkink about zee beeg clumzee Geely, Fu will feel you een on heem. I mean zee leetle fellow who has been campink out viz us. He’s being called Leely Pad. He has made heemself at home in zee potted leely right outzide our door.

Lilly Pad

He has been staying viz us now for about one month. Once, he even had a guest to stay whiz heem, but She deed not get any peectures of zhat. Ve like it alzo vhen he ees burrowed down in zee dirt and he zhinks he cannot be seen.

We zhink he ees a funny leetle fellow, and enjoy watchink heem zrough zee glass door. Ve call heem “Leely Pad” because zee leely ees hees pad.

Lilly Pad

Maybe he is acshually zee handsome preence een hidink. Eef so,  hees seecrette ees safe viz us!



6 thoughts on “Lily Pad

  1. Nice looking fellow, we have some of those guys that stay on our back porch, they make me nervous jumping all around. One day I may hop out and get me one, so’s he can come in an play with Boots and me!!

    Boots & Scooter!!


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