The Chameleon Bag

Hey You!
So, we’ve been promising you some information on the purse that She made recently. Here it is!

We aren’t much on writing tutorials, so that’s not what this is, but maybe it could serve as inspiration if you are the crafty type and would like to do something similar for yourself!

First of all, She started with the inspiration, which was the Buttercup Bag from Made by Rae.

Rae provides an excellent tutorial to make this awesome little bag.

But, back here, at the House of 9 Lives, She has been preoccupied lately with the idea of a purse with easy-to-change covers so She can have vairety without shuffling everything from one bag to the next. She remembered back to when these little bags were popular but needed something a little more roomy and practical.


So, she started with the Buttercup Bag pattern and with several modifications she ended up with a purse she loves, and it’s quite the Chameleon, too!

Using the lining pattern from the Buttercup Bag, she made her basic bag from a neutral muslin.  She enlarged the original Buttercup Bag pattern by 30%. Then, she added a strip to the sides and bottom to give the bag more dimension. She also included an interior zipper pocket (using this tutorial from U*handbag)in addition to the patch pocket.

Chameleon Bag Parts

Here are the lining pieces with pockets and magenitic closure done.
Chameleon Bag Linings

Here is the lining sewn together, shown with the outer purse assembled. She used buckram to give the purse body.

Chameleon Bag Construction

Then, she added buttons. She used a total of eight. Three on each side and one on each end.

Chameleon Bag Buttons

She chose a pewter button for its neutral aspects.

Button Detail

Here’s the bag!

Chamelon Bag

She used grosgrain ribbon and a clip on each side which is used to attach the changeable straps.

Chameleon Bag Strap Attachment

Inside, the bag is roomy with ample pocket space.

Chameleon Bag Zipper Pocket

Chameleon Bag Patch Pocket

And, here’s the bag all dressed up!

Chameleon - All Dressed Up

The outer cover is made using the same pattern, except pleating and pockets have been added. The strap is changeable so she can go from the black strap with this cover, to the brown strap with this cover!

Chameleon Bag

You may notice in the picture, this is actually the same cover. It’s reversible!

There are also these two covers that were made for the prototype bag.

Chameleon Bag - Blue Toile

Which reverses to this:

Chameleon Bag - John Deere

Now that she has the basic bag made, the sky is the limit with covers and straps. She has a lot of plans to make several more.

We are just glad she has a purse to play dress up with. Kosmo says he wouldn’t be too keen about having changeable outfits!

Kosmo with Chameleon Bag



9 thoughts on “The Chameleon Bag

  1. I thought I would give myself a test; how many did I get right?

    The top row:
    Jazz, Lilah, Barny, Boomer, Blossom

    The second row:
    Alley, Kosmo, Flirt, Nova, Fu (Mister Fussey)

    End Row:

    Hope I passed. If I got one wrong please don’t feel bad at me….:)


  2. I like your new header : )
    That purse is a great idea and you did a fine job on it. So nice to be able to have variety without having to move all your stuff from one bag to another.


  3. Nice job on the bag. I bet she couldn’t have done it without your assistance. I like the idea of changeable covers.

    Congrats on the new addition to the household too!


  4. Those bags are so pretty. Reminds me of those “Mishe” bags, but cooler and much more personal…to create your own designs. Do the items needed cost much money? I am NOT very crafty (have no talent) but I think I would like to try.

    Friday is almost here!!!! Giley misses the family so much but he is putting on some weight and is just a sweetiepiepie.


  5. LOVE the bag. Wish I could do that. I have some sewing talent, but nothing like that. It looks GREAT.. my favorite is the toile pattern of course… way to save some $$$$ ❤ you!


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