Producing Produce

Anyone who knows He and She would know they aren’t experienced gardeners. It’s not that they don’t really appreciate fresh fruits and vegetables, it’s just that there is a really great fruit/vegetable stand with a lot of local produce within a mile of their house.

Well, this year, for some reason, She decided She wanted to try her hand at growing some tomatoes. So, they purchased one lonely tomato plant in a pot and added it to the flower bed.

They were very pleased when they started seeing little yellow blooms and tiny little green tomatoes appear.


As the tomatoes grew, so did their excitement at the prospect of having their own home-grown tomatoes. This I find to be rather odd, since neither of them profess to be big tomato-lovers. But, hey, “ours is not to question why”…I only nap and write the occasional blog post, here. Anyway, the first tomato that was really showing progress was doomed when a rain storm came through and the plant was knocked over. Unfortunately, that whole stem was broken off. The subsequent tomatoes were much later in developing, and several of those did not survive, as they were stricken with blossom end rot. However, the plant has kept on trying until it finally yielded this!
It might not be a prize-winning-beauty, but they were very proud of it.

Following a couple of bacon, tomato and cheese sandwiches, there was nothing left of it.


They expect to get several more tomatoes off the plant, and then they think they will leave the producing produce to someone else.

She will continue to dabble with this kind of thing, though.




4 thoughts on “Producing Produce

  1. I love fresh tomatoes but I do not like to work outside. Yours looks great! A tomatoe right from the garden makes the best sandwiches. My mother, daddy, grandmother and grandfather always had nice gardens when I was growing up and we always had the best vegetables around during the summer. We had lots of tomatoe sandwiches and hot pepper. My grandfather and daddy loved hot pepper. Daddy started planting pepper in flower pots and keeping them on the porch when he got unable to work in a garden. I miss that sometimes but I still haven’t convinced myself to do any planting and the result is I have to purchase all my produce now.


  2. Hey, did one of yall get one of our ‘maters? We been counting ours every day out the back door didn’t think you got one!!! Just kidding Cuzz’s

    Boot’s and Scooter!!


  3. There’s just something appealing about growing tomatoes, even if you don’t eat them. My garden has four varieties of tomato plants this year, and I can’t stand them! (But my husband loves them.)

    BTW, the Blossom End Rot is ugly, but you can cut it off and eat the rest of the tomato. I always throw those tomatoes into the crockpot and make sauce with them. They taste fine.


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