The House of Nine Lives…

…not just for kitties, anymore. Yes, it’s true. A canine specimen has been added to our household. When He and She went to breakfast Sunday morning at their usual spot, they saw a very thin dog curled up asleep on the sidewalk of a nearby shop. They kept an eye on him all during breakfast and asked around to see if anyone knew where he belonged. No one did, and he remained where he was. When they left, they immediately went to a nearby grocery store and bought a bag of dog food.

When they drove up to where the dog was, they noticed just how skinny he was. While he wasn’t exactly receptive to them, he didn’t bolt, which was a good sign.
They sat down on the edge of the sidewalk at a distance and began tossing small amounts of the food to him. He was extremely interested in that and began to just vacuum it up without even chewing. Poor thing. He was very skittish, but obviously very hungry. They enticed him closer and closer with the food, until eventually He had the pooch eating from his hand.

They got some water from their friends at the restaurant and he slurped that up quickly, too. Everything was going well until they tried to get him in the car. They opened the hatch and sat on the back of the car and invited him to jump in. Nothing doing. He was having no part of that car, to the point that he shied away from them and wouldn’t even let them pet him any more.
So, they left. Later in the day, completely out of routine for a Sunday afternoon, He looked at She and said “Do you want to go get a bite to eat for lunch?” They both knew where they were going, and sure enough, when they pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant, there he was, across the street, curled back up in the same spot on the sidewalk. She “just happened” to have a little left over grilled chicken, and after they ate, they went back over to the dog again. He was eventually enticed back up to them with the chicken, and would let them pet him once again. However, he still was not interested in getting in the back of the car.

After they spent some more time with him, it occurred to her they hadn’t tried the back seat, so She asked He to open the back door. The pup didn’t seem too interested, at first, but when She leaned in the car, he put his front paws up on the seat, and with a little encouragement, jumped right in the car. He and She didn’t say a word. He shut the hatch, she shut the back door, they got in the front and drove away. Both a little amazed at what had just happened.

It’s really kind of odd how this all took place, and we are a little perplexed. You see, they have talked about getting a dog (or two) for a long time. The thing that has held them back is the fact that we don’t have a proper fence to keep a dog in. Our property and our yard are completely enclosed with barbed wire, but that’s not dog-proff fencing. While the subject of getting a dog, and the opportunity to do so, has come up often, they have always reasoned it away. This time, there was really never any discussion between the two of them. Once they saw his sweet face, they both knew independently they were bringing this fellow home.


Once at the house, they set him up with some food and water and an old rug to lay on, and he immediately began to make himself at home. They were both like kids at Christmas, as they kept getting up during the night to look out the window and make sure he was okay. He was. When they got up Monday morning (happy belated Memorial Day, by the way), he greeted them with a big happy smile and a wagging tail. They have found him to be so sweet and smart, and he hasn’t been a moment’s trouble.


After a trip to the pet store (He and She did their part to stimulate the economy), he was all set up with a crate and bed, Milkbones, 40 lbs. of food, toys, a brush, a collar and leash. He was given a cursory bath (they don’t know that much about bathing a dog), that helped a little with his horrible smell, and dressed in his new collar with a personalized name tag. His name is Gily (rhymes with Lily, hard “G”). It’s a shortened version of the name of the street where he was found. He has already nick-named him “Brother Man”, though. So he’ll have to learn both names. That’s not unusual for them, all of us kitties have several names to answer to!


So, I guess you are wondering how all of this is affecting us. Well, so far, the only one impacted has been Fu. At first they were afraid that Gily might be aggressive toward kitties, so they were very careful not to let Fu go outside until they had more time to assess the situation. However, it appears that Gily is curious at best, not the least bit threatening. The worry now is that Fu will shred Gily’s nose. Through the glass door, he is not too pleased there is a dog outside and when the door is cracked so he can take a whiff, he hisses and his tail gets all fluffy. They thought about leashing Gily and letting Fu go out to meet him, but the fear is that Fu will take off and never come back, so they are playing this one very carefully.

For the rest of us, it’s working out well. We got a wonderful consolation prize during their shopping trip!



Gily will be going in to see Dr. M this week to have his surgery (shhh…he doesn’t know about that part yet) and almost as importantly to get a good bath. After that, he’ll come home and we’ll all be one big, happy family. Right?

We had intended to tell you about the trip that He and She took on the motorcycle on Saturday in which they drove about 45 minutes and had to pull into a gas station when the rain started.
Then, they stood there for over two hours and the rain never let up. They recently gave away their rain gear because they’ve lost so much weight it just flapped around in the wind. When they’d had enough standing around, they bought a box of garbage bags and made a couple of makeshift rain jackets and took off. It wasn’t pretty, but it got the job done. If she’d felt more industrious, she would have appliqued Harley on them, at least!

Another thing we wanted to tell you about is her progress on the purse she’s been making, but we’ll save that for another post. Other priorities took over this past weekend!

In the meantime, I’m just going to lounge around here and survey my kingdom and all the subjects therein.





7 thoughts on “The House of Nine Lives…

  1. hi buddy hi buddy hi buddy smooch smooch smooch

    Yay! Fu will adjust! Betty used to get puffy around Angus (even though he lived here first) but then they were best friends after that.

    I would think the awesome climbing scratchy thing would take the edge off.


  2. Such a sweet boy Gily is! Best of luck with him and with the whole cats/dog interactions. And what a great kitty tree you all ended up with … our furbabies would love to have a nice big one like that.


  3. A woofie. It seems like He and She were waiting for the right one to come along.

    The new kitty tower is not a bad consolation prize.


  4. Welcome to the family Gily! 🙂 Me and Boots don’t know if we will ever get to greet you Purr-say, but we will make a good effort, but don’t forget He and She have to come check on us now and then!



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