The Eyes Have It

This is just a mid-week post to catch things up so there won’t be so much to write about next time! Sorry there are no good pictures to share!

She has continued working on the purse she was making and has had a good bit of success with it. She has carried it to work everyday this week. We’ll write a post about it next with some information on how it all came about.

In the meantime, it hasn’t been a great week here at The House of 9 Lives for a few of our occupants! This has led to an interruption in our regular schedule. We don’t like interruptions to our schedule!

On Saturday, while helping a family member do some yard work, He tangled with the dreaded Poison Ivy. She only remembers him having this once before, and that case was a real doozy! This time it wasn’t all over and as bad as it was before, but He did manage to get it near his eye. That has been the worst part. Topical treatments can’t be used there, so he saw the doctor on Tuesday and He got a cortisone shot and is now taking a prescription antihistamine, alternating with Benadryl. It is helping some and He’s looking less and less each day like He challenged a prize-fighter (and lost).

Also in the eye department, Fu (the kitty formerly known as Mr. Fussy), was having problems with his eye, too. When they got home from work on Monday, She noticed he was winking. He would never open his left eye. He had been outside all day and was fine when they left for work. So, they brought him inside for the night and when it was no better on Tuesday morning, they took him in to see Dr. M. Poor little fellow has a bad scratch on his cornea. They think it might have happened just by accident as he rambles through the brambles and the woods and he may have just gotten poked with a stick or something. He did not appear to have been in any kind of altercation, so they don’t think it was another animal. Because of the hours they work and the schedules they keep, Fu is staying with Dr. M. until Saturday. That way he will get his eye drops three times a day as he should. By the weekend, they’ll be able to continue the medicine appropriately. He and She are really missing his being here, but know that he is being well taken care of. (Hello to our friends at Dr. M.’s office)!

Also an inconvenience is that the lamp has gone out again on the DLP television in the living room. This has severely interfered with our lap sitting time. They usually only watch TV for about an hour to an hour and a half each evening, which is prime time for our cuddling. Now they are spending that time on the computer, or in the gym, watching TV there. This is the second time in a little less than four years the lamp has blown. They are told this is typical, but with the cost of the lamps, they are deciding they may not be big fans of the DLP televisions and will stick with LCD from now on. The first lamp was covered by the extended warranty, but unfortunately, they will only cover a bad lamp once.

So, you can understand the title of this post. The Eyes Have It. Well, they do have some things like Poison Ivy, and a Scratched Cornea. But what they don’t have is a huge television to watch. We hope your week is going better!




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