Sew In Love

Barny mentioned in the last post that She has actually taken up sewing again. This is something she has had a lot of experience in, though it has been years and years since she has made any clothing. She got her feet wet recently with a simple pencil skirt.
My B&W Skirt

The photo is not that great – we’re blaming it on the lighting. She used Simplicity Pattern 4236, mainly because she liked that it contained a pencil skirt and a fuller half circle skirt, as well. It’s doubtful she would ever make the additional full circle skirt, but she has a pattern if she takes a notion to do so.

The skirt calls for a zipper, and she prefers to use “invisible” or “hidden” zippers. He got a kick out of it when She told him She had to ask a salesperson for help finding the invisible zippers because She didn’t see them! While She had set this type of zipper years ago, She was a little challenged this time in getting it in right. There are many tutorials on-line that were very helpful though. She learned perhaps the most important tip was to iron the zipper flat before installing. This one didn’t turn out that great, it’s not exactly invisible and is barely hidden, but since She is so cold natured, it will probably usually be covered by a cardigan anyway. Overall, She is proud of the look, and I’m sure She would want me to say the hem is not that lopsided, it just looks that way because of how She is standing!

So, on to the next project! She bought this really pretty quilting cotton. It just seemed to be asking to be made into a half circle skirt.

However, this project wasn’t without its challenges, either!


Mainly help from Jazz! There’s little enough chance of her having clothes that don’t have cat hair on them. We like the sewing process, because this way we can get in on the creation of them, so they never have to be without a little adornment.

He’s starting to get a little bored, here:


Even with all the distractions, She managed to turn out a pretty good looking skirt!


And, (though the picture isn’t great), the invisible zipper is truly hidden!


She is really having fun with the sewing. It is something She hasn’t done for a long time, and being the clothes hound She is, it feeds into her quest for something new while cutting down a little on the cost.

She’s gotten so carried away with sewing, She even made a purse. The design was inspired by several sources, and it was a trial and error process, but here is the prototype version.
My Prototype Bag

She used mostly stuff She had around the house, and even cut up an old denim shirt for the body of it. The plan (since She is pretty pleased with how it came out) is to make an official version, at which point She will take pictures and we will share the process here on the blog. The cool thing about it is, that the covers are changeable!

One thing that never changes around here, is our desire for attention. While Jazz is lolling around on the sewing machine, I’m waiting patiently for some snuggling!

Wish me luck!



6 thoughts on “Sew In Love

  1. Your skirts are so pretty. I like your pictures too. It looks like you have a great mirror for taking self-portraits.

    I love the purse! I would be willing to give one a “test drive” if you are still tweaking your pattern – one that is completed that is – I don’t think I would do too well at sewing one myself at the moment.

    I wish you the best of luck Boomer but it looks like you may have to join Jazz at the sewing machine if you are going to get in any good snuggling in anytime soon.


  2. Sewing is so much fun! You are making me wish for more hours in the day with all your cute skirts! (cat hair or no cat hear, they look great)


  3. Wow! Boots and I think you guys should have “she” make you all a nice big fat soft pillow!!!! 🙂 We think our mommy may start sewing to, so we look forward to playing with thread that runs around real crazy like!!

    Cuz’s Boots & Scooter!


  4. Pretty! Did some hemming for a friend tonight & of course Ginger, our long hair brown tabby, was right with me. So nice to have a friend there isn’t it? At least they’re not telling us how to do it.


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