Against the Wind


He and She have been so terribly busy lately, they haven’t had much leisure time. Therefore, to make up for all the work they are doing, we’ve been seeing to it that we get plenty of rest. Because of that, we haven’t been posting much lately. We do want to let you know a little about what they’ve been up to, though.

With the beautiful (though quite windy) weather we’ve been having off and on, He has been busy out and about on the property doing some cleaning up and grass cutting and limb trimming. Because our driveway is lined with massive oak trees, there always seem to be limbs and sticks laying about. He credits some of his recent weight loss to his “Stick Picking Program”. Using proper form, bending at the knees and keeping his back straight, He works in the driveway picking up sticks and cleaning up other debris that is constantly falling from the trees. The property affords him a lot of opportunities for a through workout, and has been given the nick-name of “Nature’s Gym”. They’ve even talked about selling “memberships”. Customers would get a great, whole-body workout and He would get some much needed help in cleaning up the place!

Driveway in the Fall

She has actually been sewing some. She used to be quite the seamstress years ago, and didn’t shy away from the skirt pattern with the invisible zipper she picked up recently. Little did She know, her new sewing machine did not come with a zipper foot. That turned into quite the ordeal, as none of the local fabric shops had one that would fit. She couldn’t believe how difficult it became to find the attachment She needed. Finally, it was located at a repair shop, and the zipper was installed. She wasn’t perfectly pleased with the results, but has purchased more material and another zipper, and has issued a challenge to a re-match. We’ll keep you posted on that bout.

She also has undertaken the making of a purse. She drew inspiration from several others that are on the web and has been working on it for a few days. It has been an exercise in trial and error, and is not complete, but She hopes to end up with something usable, at the very least. It’s no wonder She can’t manage to get much done, though with all the help She gets from these two:



Something we all wanted to share with our readers who might be dealing with kitties who are “thinking outside the box”, is a remedy that we are having good luck with for now. It seems that one of us (Lilah), has revolted for some reason and no longer wants to use our litter boxes. Not only that, but she chose a very conspicuous place in the living room for her preferred spot. This was not going over well at all. After a couple of attempts, they they’ve found a solution. Puppy piddle pads. Maybe others have had luck with these before, but He and She taken it a step further. They attempted just putting the pads on the floor. However, after using the pad, someone, (Lilah), would attempt to cover the offending odor and end up turning the pad over so that it was useless to have it there in the first place. Then, they tried the little plastic housing that is made for the purpose of holding the pad down, and that didn’t work, as there were no sides and even though she would stand on the pad, she would not really hit the target. Then, they bought a small litter box, and with the help of binder clips, attached the pad to the sides. The size is just right, and so far, the culprit, (Lilah), has successfully used the pad, eliminating a lot of work for He and She. They’ve even successfully moved the box to our litter box area, and out of the living room. The rest of us ignore it because we know it is for Lilah and her little idiosyncracies.

There was a little bit of motorcycle riding this past week, but it has been so windy, that has been kept to a minimum. The sky was a beautiful blue, but you can see how choppy the water was at the lake!



Hopefully soon it won’t feel like they are running against the wind. In the meantime, we’ll do our best to stay rested. You know we only have their best interests at heart!



4 thoughts on “Against the Wind

  1. I bet you could get a lot of members for the “Nature” gem. It is so pretty down that trail. That is a great place to exercise.

    I don’t sew. I have always wanted to but never made myself start. I took Home Economics in school and made a purse and part of an overall and that was that. But I have ideas of still teaching myself to sew and making some things that I would like to have but can’t find in the stores. I look forward to seeing your purse. I would like to see your skirt too. Maybe if you like the next one better you will give us a peek.

    That was a great idea you had for Lilah. Glad you didn’t give up and were able to find something that “pleased” everyone.

    I would assume that the wind is bad for motorcycle riding and I wouldn’t want to try that but it looks pleasant on the water. I like the blues in the pictures you have here. They are so pretty.


  2. Lilah is lucky to have such accomodating and thoughtful He and Shes. Lilah’s revolt is a difficult one to deal with. It’s good a solution could be found that everyone can live with!

    Lovely laneway!


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