Thank You Very Mulch


We think it is finally starting to look a little like Spring around here! Last year, She laid out her first flowerbed here at the House of 9 Lives. With such a large yard, She has been a little intimidated by it all and pretty much no landscaping has been done, but she got brave and put down some plants last year at the back of the house. I like the location, because I can sit at the door and watch the butterflies and birds enjoying the little garden.

Last year, she put down rubber bark, because she liked the idea of not having to replace it each year. It also really spoke to the part of her that likes to support recycling, since they use old tires to make the stuff. Here’s a picture of a what it looked like when it was fresh.
Geranium & Dusty Miller

We don’t have any pictures of how it looked just a few weeks ago, but She wasn’t really happy with how it held up over the Winter months. When the dirt and pinestraw and leaves accumulated on it, and it got beat down from the rain, it didn’t hold up like she would have wanted it to. So, because we have a pretty unlimited supply of pinestraw (thank you very mulch), She decided to just use that as mulch in the fowerbeds this year.

Here’s a picture of one of our beautiful Irises, which are blooming now, with the pinestraw in the background.


She is so happy that the Irises are blooming. Last year, she transplanted them about this time of year and didn’t have one bloom. She has more that She needs to move, and since this is the time of year that she itches to play in the dirt, She’s having to resist the urge. She also has some Daffodils that She wants to bring up closer to the house, and will probably do that just as soon as the blooms die off those.

Hopefully, some of the plants she put down last year will also spring back up and surprise us! She is already seeing the Dianthus peeking through the straw, but she can’t remember which ones were annuals and which were perennials, so it will be surprise whenever anything pops up!

In the meantime, these are making her very happy!
HI! My name is Iris!



6 thoughts on “Thank You Very Mulch

  1. Would you like some spring snow instead?

    Nice to see planting the bird house has brought some delicious … er, pretty, …bird close to the house.


  2. Oh, I love your beautiful picture of the beautiful iris! I really miss having the funds or the place to be digging in the dirt, too. I will “plant vicariosly” with you! Thanks for sharing!




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