A Tooth in The Hand…

…ees worthz a lot of zee money to zee deentest! Eef you follow zeeze blog, you vill know She has been hafing some deental eessues. Last veek, She had zee vroot canal, and everyzing weent vell, exzept zee tempovrary crown vas not aligned correctly vhen zee eendodonteest put eet back on, so She spent zee week in some deescomfort. Yesterday, She vent back to zee regular deentist to have zee permaneent crowns put een. Howevair, zee tooth weech had zee vroot canal vould not take zee new crown, so zhey had to do a new eempression for anozer crown and zee temporary crown had to be put back eento place. Zee regular deentist vas able to align eet correctly and She felt great. She vas so eexzited to not have zee pre-vroot-canal-pain, or zee post-vroot-canal-meesalignment-deescomfort, zhat She kind of forgot zhat She should not be chewing gum.

Oops! Out came zee crown. She vas able to get right back eento zee deentist office and zhey cemented zee crown back een. Again, She was feeling better zhan She had felt een several veeks. Eet was unforshunately short-leeved, howevair, vhen She vas eating a soft peice of bread and zee crown came out yet again. Zee deentist offeece ees closed today, but zee sweet deental aseestant ees going to meet her to put eet een once again. As a result of zee vroot canal, zee shape of zee tooth has changed, the original teemporary crown ees not feeting as eet should. Zhey hope zeeze time, zee crown vill stay een place until zee next appointment on Apreel 1st. She vreally hopes zhere vill be no Apreel Fool’s joke on her zhat day! Ve hope not as vell.



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