Mister Fussy in the Leaves
So, I’ve settled in real well here at The House of 9 Lives. I’m in a great little routine of exploring outside all day, and when they are home, being inside stretched out on their bed with my brothers and sisters, or cuddled in one of their laps, preferably his! I think it was him that said they didn’t need any more cats. Well, in all fairness, that was before he met me!

She has been a little under the weather lately. She had to have some dental work done which consisted of getting two new crowns. Unfortunately one of the teeth that was fitted with a temporary crown is cracked and the only fix for it is a root canal. Now, it’s not her first trip to this rodeo, but it has been years since She has had one. She is scheduled for that very pleasant experience this Thursday and has opted to take the day off work for the occassion. It will be a morning appointment, so we hope She will come home and lay in bed with us the rest of the day.

She has been in a good bit of pain for the last few weeks – She put off calling the Dentist for a little while, then when She did, his office was closed for the week (and, She chose to wait it out because She didn’t want to see anyone else). Then, when She was able to get in, poor Dr. B. was very sick with a virus, so the excellent staff there took good care of her and referred her to an Endodontist who was able to see her the same day and recommended the root canal. At that point, She would have been happy to have it done that day, but unfortunately, they didn’t have an appointment available for several days. So, that brings us to now, and the appointment is just a few days away.

She has managed the pain well with over-the-counter extra strength pain releivers and every now and then, one of the PM variety for a good night’s sleep. Actually, in the last few days, the pain has really tapered off and She hasn’t had to take anything. Of course, She knows better than to put off the procedure, or things will surely get worse.

The thing that has bothered her the most is the addition of another “ist” to her contact list. Does it say something about her age that She has to see so many health professionals? If you add them up, it’s quite a list – She regularly sees the Dentist, the Periodontist, the Dermatologist, the Radiologist and the Gynecologist. She’s also had occasion to see an Orthopedist and a Physical Therapist. That’s not to mention her general physician, and a surgeon She is still following up with. All this for a person who is generally deemed healthy!

Well, speaking of health, they probably wouldn’t like that I’m sharing this, but you know, I’m still learning the rules of the house. He and She started early last summer to really be aware of their health. They began keeping track of what they were eating and how much they were moving and made adjustments where necessary, and as of now, they have lost a combined total of almost 100 pounds! They are both so pleased with their progress and now they are at their goals, they are feeling so much better, not to mention, looking really great!! Surely, there is some speical”ist” She has avoided seeing by making this healthy change!!


Mister Fussy


7 thoughts on “Specialists

  1. Oh no! Well I hope your root canal goes smoothly and relatively pain free.

    Congrats on your successful health regime. It’s wonderful that you two have lost 100 pounds.


  2. 100 pounds?! That’s incredible! I remember that when we had our first real diet, the dog lost weight too. We weren’t as willing to save the ‘Angus-bite’ for him as we were when food was plentiful.

    Poor teeth, root canal tomorrow! I’ll be thinking about you all afternoon in bed with the cats.


  3. I was wondering when Mister Fussy was going to be allowed to write a post. I thought about asking she how long a new cat had to be around before the others considered them part of the post cycle and forgot when I saw she. I am glad that they didn’t make Mister Fussy wait too long.

    I am sorry about all the dental work she is having to have done lately. Maybe after this root canal everything will feel a lot better.

    He and She are looking great! I am so happy for them and the healthy changes they have made. They have been an inspiration to me and I have started making some healthy changes in my life too.


  4. Oh, me! Think the awful procedure was today! Hope you give She lots of cuddles as she recovers. I found out this summer that one I had 13 years ago has somewhere along the way FAILED and it will be hell to pay (for)!!!

    Thank goodness Kitty Earl and Kitty Mary give me cuddles when I need them. Pets to and for you, sweet kitty!


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