Baby it’s Cold Outside!

I suppose this is going on all over the nation, but on behalf of the ten of us at The House of 9 Lives…Brrrrr! Here we are, in Central Alabama, dealing with low temperatures in the teens and a mixture of snow and rain expected tomorrow. The chilly temps are to continue through the weekend.

He and She are new to this whole “outside cat” thing. So, Mister Fussy has been coming inside to sleep at night. At first, he was sequestered in a bathroom by himself, but as he got to know us, he had a little more freedom in the house, until he got full reign. They tried yesterday to leave him inside when they went to work, but he was having none of that. So, he was left with his little house being heated by a heating pad, and seemed to be content when they got back home.

However, once in the house again, he made himself quite at home!

The Good Life

This is what the bed is for, right?

He seems to have learned quickly just what the bed is used for! In this picture you can see in the background that Boomer has arranged the pillows to his liking and is not at all concerned about the new addition to the household.

Did you need something?

While the temperatures remain sub-freezing, Mister Fussy will be subjected to the torture you see above, by having to come in the house. Somehow, we think he will learn to manage!

P.S. – these pictures were taken in awful lighting, but that is the new bed with the bedspread that she made just for us!



5 thoughts on “Baby it’s Cold Outside!

  1. So Mister Fussy, I think it won’t take long at all for you to blend in with our other cusin’s so enjoy, and save us a place on the new bed we just might come over and try it out too!! 🙂

    Boot’s & Scooter!!


  2. Nice to see Mr. Fussy enjoying his new home. We have 5 indoor cats, who are happy to be inside, and one cat who is drawn to the great outdoors. When snow hits the ground, though, he suddenly joins the others and doesn’t even think of the outside world again till spring. Once the weather starts warming up, the outdoors seems to renew its siren call to him.


  3. I’ve been keeping track of how low the temps drop at night by how many cats are in the bed when I wake up. Last night was a five cat night (the other one was under the bed in her little bed).

    A heating pad is a great idea! I’ll have to see if there is one the right size for the polar fleece and wool blanket stuffed house thing that I made on the back porch. Big Grey Tabby has been spending the nights in there. At least, I think it’s Big Grey Tabby, he doesn’t like for me to look at him so I only know he was in there because the blankets on the entrance are disturbed in the morning.


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