Have a Cup of Cheer


We really meant to get this posted sooner than this, in case any of you were looking for great gift ideas. He and She took the plunge several weeks ago and bought three new coffee makers. They are all by Keurig, and they are pleased with each one. They think these are going to be very popular under the tree this year. He is personally responsible for the purchase of several others by friends and family.

At work, She has this little beauty in red:

Red Keurig

It has been such a pleasure for her to have tasty coffee on demand. She only drinks decaf, and that has pretty much limited her choices. In the office, no one is interested in having “unleaded” coffee, so sharing in the communal coffee pot hasn’t been an option. The little gift store in her building offers flavored coffees, but all of the caffeinated variety. The grill in an adjacent building has decaf coffee, but She is a bit of a coffee snob and doesn’t care for it at all. She was able to purchase a small variety of K-cups for the Keurig locally, but when she went on-line to shop for more, a whole new world was opened to her.

Also, with the optional My K-cup filter, any ground coffee  or  loose tea can be made with the Keurig.

Keurig, K-cups, My K-cup

Starbucks coffee is not yet available in K-cups, so she can still enjoy the flavors She loves by using this nifty little device. He has the same model machine as shown above, but in black, at his office and he even makes iced tea with it.

K-cups come in a huge variety of flavors of coffee, as well as teas and hot chocolates. It is a very versatile little machine.

After having them at work for a few days, they decided to purchase a machine for the house.

Keurig at Home

Now, the Jura Capressa Espresso machine doesn’t get nearly as much use as it once did. Even though it is a fully automatic machine, and great espresso can be had with just the touch of a button, the variety available and ease of use of the Keurig has made it a favorite.

If you are looking for a (very) last minute gift idea for a coffee lover, consider one of these great little machines. We are sure they will not be disappointed! At the end of a long day, She is always happy to sit down with a steaming hot cup of fresh, delicious coffee and a nice piece of dark chocolate. Now, that’s a cup of cheer!

Coffee & Chocolate

All of us here at The House of 9 Lives want to also take this opportunity to wish you a Peaceful, Joyful and very Merry Christmas!



6 thoughts on “Have a Cup of Cheer

  1. I have seen these machines on TV. It looks like they are placing that entire container in the machine without even opening it; is that how it works?

    I would like the variety of flavors and making ice tea. I may have to get one of these and try it out. I bought a one cup coffee maker of another brand but I haven’t opened it yet.

    Thanks for sharing something that you know is good with us. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and the 10 kitties get lots of gifts.


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