Ten Little Kitties

Mr. Fussy
There’s a new addition to The House of 9 Lives, and it’s me! My name is Mister Fussy. “Fussy”, not because I’m hard to get along with at all, but because of my propensity to talk. I’m a very vocal kitty.

I’m not going to spend much time here talking about my past, because, actually, there isn’t that much to tell, but a few weeks ago, I showed up here and of course I was instantly given food and water and a warm place to sleep. I see in the windows that the other kitties are cozy and warm inside, but I’m a free spirit and don’t have any interest in joining them there. However, when He and She are out and about, I make up for lost time in showing my affection!

After a few weeks of my being here each morning and each afternoon, they finally got the message they had been adopted yet again. So, off to Dr. M’s they carted me. It was actually very nice. I had four-star treatment at their new facility and it was all pretty comfy cozy except for that little surgery they subjected me to. I stayed the entire weekend since He and She were busy planning not one, but two big family Christmas parties.

When they picked me up yesterday they were glad to find I was my same sweet, loving self, and I had plenty to tell them about my stay. They were so thrilled to find out that I was healthy and ready to be an official member of the household.

So, watch for more from me in the future here on the blog. We may be a house with ten cats now, but we’ll always be The House of 9 Lives!
Refill Please
In the meantime, can I get some service here?

Mister Fussy


12 thoughts on “Ten Little Kitties

  1. Welcome to you Mister Fussy. You have chosen a wonderful home. I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

    From the picture you seem to look like Boomer. But I can only see your head. However, you are very cute from that angle.


    • Hi Aunt Granny! Thank you for your welcome.

      I do resemble Boomer, as well as Kosmo. We gray kitties definitely out number the yellow/orange and calicos around here! Including Flirt and Barny, there are now five of us!

      See ya ’round!
      Mister Fussy


  2. Welcome to the family Mr Fussy, you done good, could not have picked a better place to call home!! Boot’s and Scooter think so to!! They like just being the only two Top Cat’s at home!! 🙂


  3. Welcome Mister Fussy! You certainly did your homework when you went looking for a good home. Good choice! I look forward to hearing more about your adventures at your new home.


  4. You look great in your collar! And with so many many many good friends already there, I know you’ll be happy. Merry Christmas! A home full of fur is a happy home.
    PS We would like some video of you chatting please.


    • Hi Emily! � Thanks so much for the compliment. I really do love my collar! It has crowns on it, so that must mean I’m the king of something!! � Take care!!

      Mister Fussy


  5. Welcome to your new home Mr Fussy! He & She will take real good care of you. By the way, while your reading this tell them Merry Christmas from CC Rider and Aubie, and we’ll be looking forward to some riding this coming spring and summer!


    • Hi CC Rider! Thank you for your welcome, and your confidence in He and She! We have already bonded well, but hey, what’s not to love about me?

      He and She said to be sure to tell you and Aubie Merry Christmas as well! They are ready for some nice warm riding weather and will be sure to get in touch when the time comes.

      Mister Fussy


  6. Congratulations on finding a four-star home to call your own. The service is impeccable, with staff on 24/7 call, 365 days (366 days in leap years). It’s like a vacation everyday.

    To everyone in your household, have a Merry Christmas.


    • Thank you Fivecats! � You are right on target about the pampering! � All of us here hope your entire household has a Merry Christmas, too!


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