Lasting Impressions

Well, it has been quite a long while since we have posted anything on the blog! We are sorry to those of you who have missed us! There’s no particular reason we haven’t written, really – there has been a lot going on that could have been written about. She just had the laptop put away, and if She doesn’t leave it out for us to get to, we can’t get on-line! Thankfully, today, She forgot to put it away. Some things that have been going on around here are:

  1. They addressed the issue of not being able to get a good cup of coffee at work by buying two Keurig Mini coffee makers, one for each of their offices. They liked them so much, they bought a system for the house as well. More on this later.
  2. She started back knitting. Then stopped again. She’s a great self-starter. Finisher? Not so much. She got real passionate about hand-knit socks and really wanted to give a toe-up, two socks at one time, pattern a go. So, she got started on two socks on two sets of DPNs and went to town. Only she didn’t get all the way into town, seems she ran out of gas somewhere around the turning of the heel. More on this later (if there is more).
  3. They have each lost right around thirty pounds since sometime in May or June. They have been moving more and eating less and keeping up with how much of both they are doing. They are becoming more fit and healthy and really loving their new silhouettes and stamina! More on that, if you want to know.
  4. They finished a little project at the house. That used to happen a lot more often than it does now days! They finished replacing some fencing. It looks so nice! More on this when we get some decent pictures to show. The before and after pics are pretty dramatic!
  5. They managed to cut and stack enough firewood for themselves and their close friends. Enough on that!
  6. They started another project at the house. They demolished and enlarged the master bedroom closet and started taking up the laminate flooring and existing tile in the bathroom. They are getting the bedroom ready for their new Select Comfort Sleep Number bed!

Which brings us to the reason for this post. Their current mattress is only approximately 6 years old. At the time it was bought, it was very comfortable to them. However, it has developed some very serious “body impressions”. They have been careful to keep the mattress turned regularly, but over this short amount of time, it has really taken on some deep gulleys. Prior to this Simmons Beauty Rest mattress, they had a Serta Perfect Sleeper. They slept on that one for close to fifteen years and it wore evenly and remained comfortable. A relative has it now and it is still comfortable. But the Beauty Rest really hasn’t been much of a “beauty”, and He was experiencing some back pain from sleeping on it.

The Select Comfort arrived via UPS last week. So, now there are six boxes stacked hither and yon throughout the living room and kitchen. Thankfully, they are very light, so He can move them around as necessary. We really love the boxes as they have made the most wonderful tiered napping surfaces! They should have known we would be the first ones to sleep on their new bed. They have the closet put back to a functional state, He still has to build the built-in organizers, and they need to paint and add trim. This weekend, they tiled the bathroom and the bedroom with the same tile that runs throughout the rest of the house. Only grouting is left to make the floor complete.

They are currently sleeping on the existing mattress and box springs on the floor in the living room. It’s like camping out. Of course, we love the idea of having a king-size ottoman in the living room, and there isn’t a moment in the day or night that at least one of us isn’t lying on that bed. I wonder if we could persuade them to leave it here? Of course, we, nor they, are really crazy about the current state of other parts of the house. For instance, the toilet is currently sitting in the shower in the master bathroom and the sink and vanity are in the hall. It’s pretty much mass chaos around here, right now.

I’ve been thinking though, and I think I know who is really at the bottom of all this. Boomer is a really big boy. He’s built like an English Bulldog with broad shoulders, and is quite a sturdy cat. Every day, he takes up residence on the bed and stays there until he is coerced out of the bedroom at bedtime. I’d say if there are any impressions on the bed, they are from Boomer. He certainly can leave a lasting impression!





8 thoughts on “Lasting Impressions

  1. For awhile, we thought you fell off the earth … nowhere to be found. 🙂

    But, talk about being busy. The tiered sleeping option, we may need to try that.


  2. It is nice to hear from you again. You have really been busy. I know that you are excited to get those projects completed. Let us know how the bed sleeps. I have wondered about those beds and haven’t know anyone that had one so I could ask; now I can find out about them before I get one; thanks. Hope it sleeps as good as they say so that you get some really needed rest after all the work you have been doing and “He” can get over his back pain.

    Sounds like you have done a great job on getting the right mix of eating and excericising to help you reduce 30 pounds. That is wornderful! I saw “He” the other day at work and I thought he looked smaller. I haven’t seen “She” since the loss. But I know taht you both are looking and feeling a lot better with that kind of success.

    Boomer certainly does make a lasting impression but so do the other 8 kitties at the house of 9 lives; all 9 of you are just a cute and adorable and leave an impression on me each time I see either of you.

    Hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving. I am home all week this week. I have really been looking forward to this week off from work. I needed some extra rest and visiting with my family.


    • Aunt Granny – Thanks for your comment!! It’s really good to hear from you – we will try to give an update on the new sleep number bed, once we’ve all had a chance to try it out! Thanks for your nice words and encouragement about the weight loss – we’ve been cheering them on, I think that’s what has helped the most.

      We all hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so happy to hear that you have taken some time for rest. We know you’ve had a rough year and hope you can make the time with your family special in spite of that.

      Take care!!


  3. Whoa you have a lot going on in the house. No wonder you haven’t been posting. It will be nice once everything gets put back in place. The cats are going to miss their giant cat bed in the living room. 🙂

    Congrats on the weight loss and fitness!


    • Hi Sydney! Thanks for understanding our neglect of the blog! We didn’t mean to go so long!! Time just slipped away. You are so right about missing the bed in the living room. He and She might miss it a little bit, too. With the huge TV, it reminds her of going to a drive in and laying out on the hood of the car – She won’t say how long it’s been since that happened, though! � Thanks also for your congratulations on the weight loss! They are doing well, but could always use a little more encouragement 🙂


  4. I’m glad things are OK there. I was a bit concerned. Thanks for the updates.

    Good for you on the home improvements!

    My mother has one of those beds. Loves it. I laid on it once & it was nice!


    • Peggy – Thanks so much for your comment! We didn’t mean to worry anyone – everyone here is doing fine – just preoccupied, lately. Thanks also for your comments about the bed! They are really looking forward to trying it out. I think it will work well for us, too. Boomer certainly needs more back support. They have ordered a new bed, and as soon as that comes in, they plan to set up the whole shebang – we can’t wait!!


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