Labor Day – Literally!

Hey You!
We hope you enjoyed a nice and restful Labor Day Weekend as we bid farewell to the Summer once again. Soon the weather will begin to turn cool and eventually be followed by Winter. One thing we cats here in The House of 9 Lives love about the cold days of Winter is snuggling up on the ottoman right in front of the fireplace when a blaze is going strong.

In preparation for those days ahead, He and She spent yesterday out in the woods gathering up some firewood to make sure we can all stay toasty warm.

Sometime over the past few months, the wind took down a tree on some neighboring property that in turn took down part of our fence in the woods.

Downed Tree

After clearing away what was on our side of the fence.

The Big Split

There – that’s much better. Apparently, this was a really big tree that split. Half of it came our way and half is leaning on another tree. There is still a lot of wood to be had, but it will take a larger chainsaw than what He currently has.

Here are the results of the first couple of loads. They still have to cut, split and stack it, but just looking at that makes me feel all warm and tingly inside!

A Good Start

Here’s another picture She took while they were outside working. This is Max. He’s outstanding in his field.

Curious Max

And they say cats are curious! Trust me, those cows have to know everything that goes on around here!

We hope your Labor Day wasn’t quite so labor intensive!



2 thoughts on “Labor Day – Literally!

  1. That looks like too much hard work for me on a holiday weekend. I know you will all enjoy the benefit when the weather gets cold though.

    Max does look like he is keeping a close watch on that work you are doing. I would hate for him to be upset with me…those horns could go in one side and come out the other without much effort. Even with the horns Max makes a great picture. He is a perfect speciman.


  2. That wood is going to be awfully nice this winter. We actually had a nice relaxing Labor Day for once.

    I love that picture of Max! When I was in high school, our backyard was next to a dairy farm. If we were out in our backyard, there were usually some cows watching us.


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