Thinking (or not)

Well, we really don’t have much to share. The weather has been nice. He and She are already longing for Fall. Everything is going well for all of us. While I’ve had plenty of time to think of something to write, I keep getting a block! So, here are some pictures. We can never go wrong with kitty pics!

This was Lilah’s idea of being helpful when He and She moved in the new stove a couple months ago!

Lilah on the Hand Trucks

A conversation between Barny & Boomer:

Boomer: Don’t look, now, but She’s back with the flashy box!
Barny & Boomer

Boomer: I said DON’T look!
Barny & Boomer

Barny: Give her the eyes! Maybe she’ll go away! 
Boomer & Barny

Jazz: I just followed the directions on the side of the box.
Alley: Pfffffft!
Lilah: Maybe I can set it on fire with my laser vision!
Nova: At least my tail is in the picture!

Jazz: Do these scales make me look fat?
Blossom: I’m not touching that one!
Jazz Weighs In

And, as the saying goes, “Sometimes I sits and thinks, and sometimes I just sits”.



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