Carpet of Flowers

It seems to her that She has been trying to put the finishing touches on decorating that home gym for forever! Of course, ripping out the carpet due to damage caused by a drainage issue and having to move equipment out, prepare and paint the floor and move everything back in, did cause a bit of interruption in the project!

Well, She was finally able to add a couple more elements to the room recently, and we wanted to share them with you. You might remember, this fabric was purchased to make curtains for the entertainment wall and the window.

Let's Polka!

The colors are actually chocolate brown, lime green and aqua. So, when she found this rug recently on-line, she couldn’t resist the perfect color match!


Okay – let’s try that again – Nova is such a ham!

Nova in the gym

How does he keep sneaking into the photos?

Okay – finally, a “Nova-less” picture!

Home Gym

Here’s another.

Carpet of Flowers

She was also really happy to get these shelves hung up:

Gym Wall

She still has to make the curtains for the window, and would like to have a few more little knickknacks for the shelves, but the room is really coming together. This weekend, which consisted mostly of on and off rain, would have been a great time for her to do a little sewing and get it all done, but we were not a very good influence on her.

Kitty Quilt

Between the carpet of flowers and the quilt of kitties, she didn’t have much motivation to be too productive. It was more of a movie and recliner kind of weekend for her!



5 thoughts on “Carpet of Flowers

  1. Hey it’s important to test out the rugs to see how they work for sleeping. That rug is a perfect for the curtains (and Nova). It’s looking good!

    I’m afraid we didn’t do much this weekend either.


  2. I love your new carpet and your new shelves. The gym is starinting to look like a nice place to relax; I don’t know if I would get much exercise done in that cozy spot.

    I like the way the kitties have found them a place to take a nap. Do all 9 of them ever sleep together?


  3. Hi Aunt Granny!

    Thanks for the compliments! The key to not relaxing too much in the gym is that there is no comfy furniture for He and She in there! Only exercise equipment. That doesn’t keep us from napping on that though.

    In answer to your question – no, we never nap all nine together, unless you count being in the same room as “together” 🙂

    Thanks for your comment and have a great day!!


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