The Jig is Up!

Well, now apparently everyone will know what we cats have known for centuries. As it states in this article, yes, we are in control. It has been no secret among us. We are only suprised it has taken so long, and a team of scientists for humans to figure it out.

Here, in The House of 9 Lives, we have decided it would be best not to overwhelm He and She with a cacophony of meows, so we have elected a spokescat to do the soliciting on behalf of all of us. Kosmo has proven to be the right kitty for the job. Not only is Kosmo a master at the “purr-cry” as the article calls it, but he is also quite adept at the entertwine-yourself-between-their-legs-until-they-stumble method of attention getting. Although Kosmo is very effective, I’m not too bad myself in the arena of human manipulation. Once the treats are put before Kosmo, Jazz, Lilah, Boomer, Blossom, Alley, Flirt, and Nova, He always comes to me in my special spot on the ottoman and puts my daily treats right before me. This special treatment on my part has earned me the nickname “Princess”.

Not only are He and She now trained to give us treats, but they also feed most any hungry creature that shows up here. She recently got a Hummingbird feeder and was kind enough to place it right outside a window so we could enjoy the show. This weekend, She managed to get these pictures of one of our frequent diners:

Coming in for a Landing

Perched for a Meal

Taking a Drink


While she was getting these pictures, she realized another familiar visitor was nearby. Our little friend the Fox Squirrel is pretty camera shy, but she managed to get this photo of him perched on a fence.

Fox Squirrel on a Fence

Then he really got comfortable and stretched out:

Fox Squirrel Reclining

He spotted the camera, here:

Looking Straight Into the Camera

And here, he’d had enough of the paparazzo, and jumped down:
That's Close Enough!

Well, now that the jig is up, and everyone will know how we manage to get treats, I’m sure they’ll all be trying it. I think I actually heard the Hummingbird trying to make the hummingbird equivalent of a purr-cry!



4 thoughts on “The Jig is Up!

  1. Our cats, Ginger & Buddy, have instructed me to say that they are indeed superior beings & are only doing what’s in their um… our best interest.


  2. My three have this down. Every morning at 6 am. God forbid if I’m late getting those treats out. Haha. Love the fox squirrel pictures – never seen that type before.


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