Volunteerism is always good. Needs are met, all the parties involved get satisfaction, and growth can occur.

Here at The House of 9 Lives, we’ve had a couple of very special volunteers to “crop up”. Namely, these guys:

There will be watermelon, soon!

A will to live.

Out of nowhere, two watermelon vines have sprouted and grown in our yard. He and She have never had any type of garden, so these serendipitous little gifts from nature have them really excited at the prospect of a bountiful harvest.

As they haven’t done any landscaping, they tend to throw out fruits and vegetables and bread for the possums and raccoons and other animals to nosh on. Apparently some of the watermelon seeds took root. When She realized what they were, She immediately began regular watering. Now they are loaded with blooms.

Bloom, baby, bloom!

Watermelon Bloom

They can hardly wait for the blooms to turn into tiny little watermelons, and they have really high hopes for a bumper crop so they will be forced to share them with friends and family. In which case, this instance of volunteerism will really be good. Their need for watermelon will be met, and by sharing the outcome, all parties will be satisfied. And, if these little “watermelon plants that could” continue to do well, there will certainly be growth!



4 thoughts on “Volunteerism

  1. Woohoo! No yard is complete without watermelons! I put some in the garden and then put the rest of the pack in the hanging basket.

    That was a mistake I’m sure, but the vines sure do look pretty.


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