As Luck Would Have It

Every now and zen, He and She are blessed wiz a leetle good luck. I mean, look at how very lucky zey vere zee day I showed up on zee doorstep. Zey zink zey have done me zee favor, but ve all know I am zee one who geeves and geeves een zis relationship. 

He and She have been making zee very strong effort to eat more meals at home. Zee new stove has vreally been getting broken in. As a part of zee plan to eat at home more, zey have been hafing breakfast een as vell. Yesterday, vhen She opened a new box of Honey Nut Cheerios, She vas thrilled to find a prize eenside. And, not joost any prize, but a cash card!

As Luck Would Have It

She had not even noteeced zee box een her sleepy state, and came vreally close to zrowing eet avay! Zee values of zee cards zey are geeving avay are $5, $10 and $25. Zee card She got ees only for five doll-airs, but She got twenty-five doll-airs of excitement out of it.

Seence zis all came about as a vresult of zee commitment to eat at home, as luck vould haf eet, zey vill probably use zee card at zee grocery store. Een zat case, I say “tuna for everyvone!”



6 thoughts on “As Luck Would Have It

  1. Hmmmm … we don’t those kind of Honey Nut Cheerios around here. Anyway, perhaps some favorite feline flavors and treats are in order.


  2. Hey She and He,
    I also like zee Honzee Nut Cheerios, I need to start checking out zee boxes for zee cash cards! Hope all eez vell wiz you both!


  3. Hey, how nice! It sounds like she is a lot like me in the mornings – just on the verge of being awake/asleep. Winning a prize – of any size – is certainly enough to get you wide eyed and ready for adventure…have fun. And, as my Daddy always said, Don’t spend it all in one place.


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