Cycle-logical Therapy

Hey You!

Once again, the weather was beautiful this weekend. He and She spent most of Saturday working on the house. They are getting the exterior improved little by little. They are so proud of the new paint and shutters, but still have so much left to do. Here is a sneak peak of some of the improvements, but we won’t share the real “after” pictures until it is complete. This is at the back of the house.

Exterior Improvement

The weekend wasn’t all work, though! They made some time for a little “cycle-logical” therapy. (That’s what I heard Bamajama call it). Hey, don’t laugh, it works! When things get a little hazy,

Hazy Flirt

or a little blue,

Deep Thought

or, someone just pushed your last button,

The Eye of the House Cat

a little cycle-therapy is what you need!

Several of their friends came to the house, and they all took out for a little re-charging of their batteries!

Here are some pictures from their ride with Dr. Dirt, T-Will (behind the tree), Bullitt, CC Rider & Aubie, Warsaw Tec, Blue Ice, & Bamajama:

Head out on the Highway

Leaving the Driveway

Take a right, here.

Blue Skies

Alabama Highway 50

From Alabama Highway 50

Alabama Highway 50

They rode one of their favorite routes that is close to home, Alabama Highway 50. It’s a great curvy, hilly road that while can’t be compared to Tail of the Dragon, is fun in it’s own little way. Since it is so scaled down, they affectionately call it “Tail of the Lizard”.

Their destination was Cock of the Walk in Auburn, where they all ate well and sat around and talked and laughed.  After the meal, they made a quick stop at Bruster’s for a cool ice cream treat.

After that, they took a meandering route back home. They had a great day, and even though the skies looked like this a few times, there was no rain and the weather was beautiful.

Alabama Highway 50

It’s a sure bet, there will be more therapy in their futures! There are more pictures from this ride and others here, including each of the individual bikes shown above. You can click on slideshow in the upper right to view them more easily.

We hope you find them therapeutic!



3 thoughts on “Cycle-logical Therapy

  1. I love the house!

    Flirt really knows about the different moods one can go through and I agree, the cycle-logical therapy is a great way to brighten the mood of anyone. The slide show is very relaxing.

    How do you get those pictures from the front of the riders? Are you in front of them twisting back to take the pictures from the back of the Harley while it is moving? You have some ability. I would fall if I tried that. Great job on the twisting and the clear shots!


  2. Thank you, Aunt Granny! We are all excited about the house – it is looking so much better!

    She wanted me to let you know that she doesn’t do any twisting – She’s not that limber!! She actually just held the camera up and shot over her shoulder – not knowing what She was getting – there was one picture of sky, trees and the top of Bamajama’s helmet 🙂

    Thanks for your comment, and take care!


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