The Gatekeeper

The beautiful weather they enjoyed on Saturday continued on into Sunday. This time, Skeeter and Ohio came to visit, and then they all left on their bikes for lunch at Niffer’s Place at the Lake in Dadeville, Alabama. While they were there, they made contact with friends Bullit, T-Will, CC Rider and Dr. Dirt. After lunch, they all came back to the house, where Nova, Alley, Jazz and myself naturally became the center of attention. Yep, all was right with the world!

When everyone was gone, He and She just weren’t quite ready to call it a day, so they hopped back on the bike and headed off to their worst habit, Bruster’s Ice Cream in Auburn. They sat in the gazebo near the drive thru and were entertained by the things people will order. Like the guy who just kept insisting he wanted a single scoop waffle cone, but couldn’t tell them what flavor, or the woman who asked if they could put caramel on a Caramel-Fudge Sundae. This was all very entertaining as they indulged in their treats.

Speaking of things that make you go hmm – here’s something they saw on their way home on Highway 14, just outside of Lochapoka.

Gate legs?

If you look to the left of the driveway, near the top rung of the fence, you’ll see the lower part of a mannequin.

Here it is from another angle:

Things that make you go hmm...

I don’t know if this is suppose to have some meaning that we aren’t aware of, but apparently, it’s not an original idea! Our friend Ginger over at Deep Fried Kudzu wrote about this place she saw.

While we don’t completely understand the symbolism here, we are all for self-expression. But, I think if I were going to have a gatekeeper, I would want something a little more intimidating than a hosiery model!



5 thoughts on “The Gatekeeper

  1. People watching – a most excellent sport.

    If you’re looking for an imposing gatekeeper, wait until Halloween season. You can find some good choices.


  2. We enjoyed spending the little time we spent visiting with you both. Looking forward to doing it again real soon! Hmmmmm, mannequin legs hanging out of trees, I guess you truly do see everything out on the open road! Take care…………….


  3. OOOPs! Me thinks me knows where the rest of her might be!!! Naw, just Kidding!! I guess it does not take much of a brain to be a Gatekeeper!

    We enjoyed the ride and new friends as well!!


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