Curves Ahead

Alley in the Sunshine
We finally enjoyed beautiful weather on a day that He and She didn’t have to go in to work. Of course, that meant the Harley was taken out for a little exercise. They met up with Bamajama and rode out Highway 63, across beautiful Lake Martin and into Alexander City. They stopped for lunch at Ruby Tuesday, then dropped in at Carlisle Drugs for a tasty Malted Milkshake. After, that, it was on to the open road. They took Highway 280 to 231 North, and then turned off onto Alabama 25. It turns out that Alabama 25 is a beautiful road and quite popular with motorcyclists of all tastes. She attempted to take pictures of all the many twists and turns, just so you could see how the road winds and climbs through the beautiful scenery. Instead of posting all the pictures She took, I’m just going to share a few with you here. Clicking on any picture will take you to Flickr, where you can see more photos from this ride.

There were quite a few of these:
Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

Several of these:

Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

And, more than a few of these:

 Alabama Highway 25 to Leeds

Alabama Highway 25

At the peak, they were treated to this view:

View from Alabama Highway 25

After descending through more twists and turns, they ended up in the town of Leeds, Alabama, just outside of Birmingham. She thought the downtown area was quaint and charming.

 Leeds Alabama

Leeds Alabama

Located in Leeds, Alabama, happens to be Barber Motorsports Park. They hadn’t planned to visit, but they rode up to the building and in the parking lot, they got to see a lot of exotic cars, like Morgans, and Lotus (Loti?), and rare motorcycles like a ’57 Harley Panhead, a Kawaski Mach III – 5 cylinder, a Sommer, and an old Cushman scooter. I would love to share some pictures with you, but unfortunately, after she snapped the one below, the battery in the camera died.

Barber Motorsports Park 

They have decided they will definitely go back with a charged battery, and they will pay for admission and see all the wonderful collector’s items inside the museum!

Actually, the name of this post might be just a bit of a misnomer. Instead of “Curves Ahead”, it could actually be titled “Angles Ahead”!

Alabama Highway 25



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