The Caretaker

DSC01574 (2)
Those of you who know He and She love their Harley Davidson motorcycle might be inclined to think of something like this when I say He got a new chopper:


However, the chopper he got is of a different variety. It’s a Dixie Chopper:

Dixie Chopper

And we don’t think He could be any more excited if it were a chopper of the first type! Because the “Caretaker” (as it is known around here) has a 74″ cut and is known as “The World’s Fastest Lawn Mower”, He is now able to make quick work of cutting the yard and the pastures when necessary. This makes her very happy, as it should leave more leisure time for riding the actual motorcycle.

She’s just pleasantly surprised that with his love of lawn equipment, John Deere and motorcycles, he didn’t come home with one of these!


Thank heavens for small blessings! Or, should I say very large blessings?

The "Caretaker"



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