Arbitrary Photography

Zis pesky eensurance salesman just veel not go avay!

Insurance anyone?

Of course, I am just kiddink! Ve just vanted to share some arbitrary peectures viz you!

Zis is a peecture of a leetle snack. I mean a leetle bird havink a leetle snack.

Buffet Style

Zis is a leetle Vildflover She found in zee yard. Ve zink eet ees Rose Verbena.


And, zis eez one of our favorite neighbors.

Donkey Friend

Zat ees all.




3 thoughts on “Arbitrary Photography

  1. I think she’s right about the verbena. I’ve got it all over the place, it resents transplanting. I have the idea (I must have read it somewhere) that it is native and counts as a wild flower (which is why I keep calling it ‘wild verbena’ and forgetting about the ‘rose’ part).


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