Down Came the Rain

Jazz Napping
The Montgomery area had record rainfall yesterday. As much as 11 inches fell in a little over four hours in some areas! He and She made it in to work in the midst of a deluge, but little did they know it would only get worse. There were concerns that they would not be able to get back home, and actually because of road closings due to flooding, they had to take an alternate route and go through Tallassee to get to the house.

There was an enormous amount of property damage, numerous injuries and sadly, one fatality in the city. To give you an idea of what they were dealing with, here’s a couple of pictures of the parking lot at the building where He works.


MayFlooding2008 - Montgomery

Lucky for us, She works across the street in a building that provides a parking deck, so our little Jetta wasn’t in any danger of floating away.

Otherwise, the city was in complet chaos as even many of the police cruisers at the city lot were under water!


Today, things seem to be somewhat back to normal. She was dropped off at work, and He had to head to East Montgomery for a training class. Other than a complete snarl of traffic, due to some major highways still being closed, he managed to get to the interstate and make it in on time, thanks to leaving early. The weather report indicates sunny days for today and the weekend. They sure hope this is the case, so the waterlogged area can be somewhat dried out.

Here’s hoping for sunny skies where you are, too!



4 thoughts on “Down Came the Rain

  1. oh wow! I didn’t realize ya’ll got that much too! It’s really been some bad wetaher lately. Glad he and she were at least able to get home to everyone. 🙂


  2. We’ve had a lot of rain but not that much. Our flooding is fairly minor. Glad to hear you were able to get home and that your car stayed high and dry.


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