Get a Grip!

Kosmo the Writer
She has often said that  a Harley Davidson Motorcycle is the only toy that has more available accessories than Barbie. When they bought the bike last summer, they added a few accessories including Screaming Eagle 203 Cams, a Screaming Eagle Pro Super Tuner, Kuryakyn Electromagnetic Cruise Control, Panacea rear lights, passenger floorboards, highway bars and Vance and Hines Big Shots Staggered. They also added a windshield bag and the large sissybar bag so she can carry a purse with all her essentials that every biker needs, like eye drops, allergy medicine, extra gloves, lip balm, first aid, safety pins, pen and paper, sunblock, etc.

This year for the new riding season, they’ve added a few more things. He has seemed to have a lot of trouble with his hands going numb while riding. They are sure He probably has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is a major contributing factor to the discomfort. So, for more flexibility in the positioning of the handlebars, He changed the stock bars out to 14″ Ape Hangers. Funny name, and somewhat appropriate, but they look really great on the 2008 Heritage Classic. Oddly enough, even though the bars are taller, he has gotten a lot of relief from the numbness. His arms are pretty much shoulder level, not lower, not higher, so maybe that helps.  (I bet this guy’s hands get numb!) (Sorry for the dirty windshield shot below!)

2008 Heritage Classic

Along with the new bars came some new chrome. They replaced the stock mirrors with new Harley Script Teardrop Mirrors. And, with all the changes, everything on the bars is now bright and shiny, including the housing for the cruise control and the cables.

2008 Heritage Classic w/14" Apes

He also added foot pegs to the highway bars so he now has more positions for his feet giving him more comfort on long rides. He didn’t forget about her comfort on this upgrade, either! A new larger backrest was added for her, and, it’s not only more comfortable, but more stylin’ too, with studs to match the seats. They had planned to add Kuryakyn adjustable passenger pegs for her, but unfortunately they aren’t currently available for the 2008 year model.

2008 Heritage Classic w/14" Apes

So, they have spent a few more Harley Dollars*. Now that they have a grip on the new bars, I wonder what will be next? I’m sure there won’t be any struggle to come up with something else to want!! Little girls with their Barbies and Big Boys with their Harleys. They have a lot in common, I tell you!

*One Harley Dollar = One Hundred Dollars




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