The Espresso Lane

He and She are back up and running in the “espresso lane”! Several weeks ago, they hit a bump in the road when their Jura Capresso espresso machine quit working. This is a pretty sophisticated machine with a digital display. Any time they would turn the machine on, they would get a “close tap” error. This will commonly occur if the knob for the steamer/water dispenser is in the open position. They had checked the knob, as well as followed all the regular steps for troubleshooting, to no avail. They contacted the technical assistance line for Jura Capresso, and, although they seemed to want to be helpful, there was no resolution. It looked like they would have to box the machine up and ship it off for service, and they really didn’t want to do that.

Then, He came up with this idea:

Capresso & Compressor

Using his compressor, he blew forced air into the nozzles which pour the coffee, as well as any other openings on the machine. They didn’t have much hope it would make a difference, but, after plugging the machine back in and turning it on, they were greeted with:

Jura Capressa - Select Product

Which led to this:

2 Espressi

Ah - Sweet Elixr

I’ll have mine to go, please!

I'll take that to go, please.

They are so excited to have the machine working again. She says it makes getting up in the mornings a little easier! And, thanks to his ingenuity, they didn’t have to spend a fortune to ship the machine away for repairs!



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